Compiled By Comr Nwawube Ezeobi, Comr Ezeobi Jonel Chijioke, Ndubuisi Eke | Biafra Reporters April 23, 2020 1. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu renders powerful prayer in English language because some people implored him to use English language so they can understand him while he was praying. 2. Those things they are hiding, this evening we willl expose them. 3. If you like do a video and say over your dead body will Biafra come, and see what will happen to you. 4. The words used by Gideon Okar a Tiv man in 1990 is now manifesting in the Middle Belt today. 5. Gideon Okar said we are been marginalized that is why we are doing this coup. Gideon Orkar saw this in April 22, 1990 thirty years after and it's coming to fruition. 6. Are you aware that today is the 30th anniversary of Major Gideon Okar's coup against Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida's Military tyrannical government that would have saved and set free all the oppressed people in the zoo (Nigeria ). 7. I am very confident that Biafra will come during our time and that time is now. 8. The amount of money that Nigeria's DSS have in Abuja is the number of people they have in their detention illegally. 9. Before the capital of the Zoo called Nigeria was move from Lagos to Abuja, there was an agreement between the Yorubas and the Fulanis' that no other seaport in the Eastern Nigeria will exist except the one in Lagos. 10. The Chinese are here to run your government and take over your resources that is why the Fulanis' invited them because nobody is ruling Nigeria. 11. I am a political economist, I know what to do, to grow Biafra economy within Six months even Nigeria but I will not tell them. 12. When I was in Kuje prison, I was paying legal fees for people detained illegally to have legal representation. 13. I told you that the coming of the Chinese will be your destruction. 14. Africans, we are the architect of our own misfortune. 15. Biafrans we have come to prove to the whole world that black people are not animals. 16. The more you complain over what we do, the more we do it. 17. When people are ignorant, Nigerian politician will give you 2,000 for your PVC (Permanent Voter's Card), and after election your suffering continues. 18. Biafra is the last miracle on earth and you are going to see it happen. 19. I will destroy Nigeria, I will disgrace Nigeria with the Truth and now it is happening. 20. People are dying now in their numbers in the North. Before the Chinese came, were people dying like this?. 21. For them to say 150 people died meaning more people died. You know the zoo media and their reportage. They have brought in Chinese to use those poor Almajiri people as Guinea Fowl. 22. The amount of money Nigeria's DSS make depends on how many people they have in the cell. 23. Some of them that are saying Nnamdi Kanu wants to break Nigeria for us how many Nigerians have you help in your life time?. 24. They want to evacuate the Almajiri to their states. How do you know their states when some are from Chad, Niger Republic? 25. Elohim did not sent me on earth to have cars, houses and lots. The one my father has are enough for me. Mandela doesn't have all these. I'm here to restore Biafra that's all. 26. When I left Kuje prison people were crying, because I was arranging lawyers to take innocent people out of Kuje prison. 27. Here on radio Biafra we chase darkness away, we do the will of Elohim, we preach the gospel of the restoration of the Kingdom of Heaven upon the face of this very Earth. 28. I love everybody, even the Almajiri in the North, if you are in trouble and I see a way to help you, I help. 29. If you go into Aso Rock to rule Nigeria, you must die or your person will die, ask Jonathan, ask Obasanjo, ask Even Ya'radua they will tell you. 30. They know I am destructively stubborn. If I said I will destroy Nigeria, God in heaven knows I Will. 31. They don't like what I'm preaching, not because it is a lie, but because they don't want the Almajiri in the North to know what they are doing. 32. My own children are going to good school and you want me to sit and watch other people's children selling oranges and sachet of water in the street. 33. I am asking my Yoruba brothers, where is Osinbajo?. 34. If you are holding a degree in Political Science in Nigeria bring those degrees and burn them tonight because they are completely useless. 35. The reason why there is cease fire among the cabals is because they don't want the world to know Aso Rock is empty. 36. If you listen to radio Biafra and you don't learn anything then you are destined not to learn anything. 37. You are a professor of Microbiology in Nigeria and am asking you, where are you developing your own vaccine?. 38. World Health Organisation (WHO), is trying to defend China. If you say that Corona virus comes from a lab, they willl censor it because they have been bribed. 39. You are in the middle of pandemic, and 150 people died and the President did not speak, are you alright at all?. 40. People are misquoting me. I said the Yoruba media, the Yoruba nation should stop defending this Rogue Regime. 41. Which other country in the world will 150 people die in one day and their President will not say a word " Hey Zoo!. 42. China is responsible for Covid-19 and now they are using children from Northern Nigeria to run their test. 43. If you are a Catholic/Anglican that believe in Saints, you should know that Gideon Okar should be elevated to a Saint. 44. Why can't the Governors travel to Abuja for a meeting, but you claim EU visited Buhari in Abuja. 45. They are killing everyone that knows about Jubril so that their wickedness will not be open but we will expose them for the world to see. 46. China told them to dispatch the Almajiri. They are in a hurry to kill as many people as they can. 47. If you call their name without attaching Professor to it, they get angry but you see how useless they are, no President no Vice President and you all are keeping quiet. They are only good in rigging election. 48. The China Cooperation Are the Ones in-Charge of the Zoo Nigeria Enterprise as at the moment. 49. In front of our eye #13.9 billion meant for Aso Rock clinic disappeared and somebody is saying that Abba Kyari is a good man. 50. For your information it was Alex Ekwueme that defeated Abacha. Soyinka and Tinubu you are looking at ran away. 51. You that is claiming one Nigerian, how many people have you helped outside your tribe?. 52. Anybody talking about 2023 is hallucinating , Nigeria is collapsing this year, whether Britain likes it or not. 53. God said that Nigeria is over and it's over. 54. Yoruba If you want to show that you are a nation fight for Oduduwa, then ask for your son - Osibanjo, that is the least you can do. 55. The whole of Africa was conquered by only two thousand Europeans because black believed that everything white people did was good & your own tradition was evil. 56. As I speak right now Kano is digging graves for mass Burial. 57. No more money to allocate to the States in Nigeria, the zoo has finished. 58. Fulani didn't give the President to Awolowo, they didn't give it to Abiola. Then Who Is Tinubu?. 59. Yoruba media has done more damage to the brain of Nigerians, Yoruba media is evil. 60. When they finished looting maybe they will burn down Aso Rock. Then Church Agbasaa. 61. The day we will commence our march to Sokoto let me see the bastard that will come out to say "they are seceding". 62. Ibraham Babangida is a Yoruba man. He killed Dele Giwa through letter bomb and we know it. 63. Buhari tested negative while others in the office tested positive is that what u people are telling me, that's why you are zoo people. 64. How can you boost your immune system when you don't eat good food. 65. The Zoo called Nigeria is a country without President, a country without a Vice President. 66. As soon as Corona virus is leaving, Hope Uzodinma is leaving with it. He was not meant to be there, I'm glad he adhered to us and reversed the decision to rename Imo State University after Abba Kyari. 67. 150 people dead and the clown you call your President cannot talk. 68. What they have in Nigeria Universities are Yahoo boys, slay queens taking selfies and sleeping with sugar daddies then sex for grade lecturers. 69. Nigerian Professors of Pharmacy that specializes in rigging election but can't wear their lab coat to produce any vaccine to me is a joke. 70. If you are living in Northern Nigeria, please stay there, don't come back now since you love Ugwu-Hausa stay there. 71. White people are more concerned about the treatment black people are receiving in China than black people in Nigeria and your Presidency invited them to come. 72. People are dying in their numbers in the North, before the Chinese came were people dying like this?. 73. El-Rufai, I don't know how old he is, but the evil in him is ten times his height. 74. The right and proper name for Africa is Ethiopia, do you know it was the Romans that renamed her after a Roman soldier -Africanus. 75. You claimed to be a Christian, maybe your name is "Nwachukwu" and you worship with a Pastor called "Suleiman", that is to show how foolish and idiotic you are in the Zoo. 76. Some of them went to University in Nigeria, from year one to final year, they didn't see running water not to talk of stable electric light, they use mpalaka to read and after graduation Nnamdi Kanu is your problem, the brain of a black person so horrible. 77. When people are ignorant their graduates will have no job, what I did in Abuja High Court room 4, I called Buhari a mad man that he is not well educated enough to jail me, Yoruba your entire lineage cannot try it. 78. Their worst mistake was to conceal the death of Buhari, for hiding the death of Buhari the Zoo is gone.
79 Yoruba were too terrified and out of cowardice they couldn't fight for their son Osibanjo to constitutionally replace Muhammadu Buhari when he died,

80 If Igbo Man or an Ijaw man is a vice president it cannot happen and fulani knows it,

81 Dora Akunyere single handedly installed Jonathan as the president though she paid with her dear life, but that is what it means to be honest and to be a public servant

82 Yoruba nation and their media will not ask about their son Osibanjo now, if it is IPOB now they will have lever to rant nonsense

83. You are busy asking me when is this your Biafra going to come but your not asking your pastor to tell you when exactly is Jesus coming or when you will stop paying tithe. :::::::::::::::: Closing Remark:::::::::::::: Biafra is our religion, Radio Biafra is where we worship and Chukwu Okike Abiama remains our eternal God. From me from here, it is good evening.

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