Biafra: Full unedited text of IPOB CROSSFIRE interview with PUNCH newspaper

The Biafra Post | 25 August 2019

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB Leader
South-East governors and many groups have condemned your members attack on Ekweremadu, are you reconsidering your decision to attack the governors abroad?

The simple answer is NO. We shall continue to hunt and hound them whenever they leave the shores of Nigeria. Our decision to go after these south east governors and frankly, every corrupt, wicked and opportunistic politician is rooted in the principle of  accountability of public office holders. All over the world, enlightened and brave citizens hold their public officials to account through many democratic avenues. No wonder protest averse black Africa is rooted in hopelessness, poverty and disease. The right to protest against injustice is part of the dividend of democracy as entrenched in the constitution. In the unfortunate case of Nigeria, public servants, media practitioners, citizens do not know and are starkly ignorant of the provisions of the very constitution they vow to uphold, defend and protect. Both the electorate, the elected are disappointingly docile, morally bankrupt and hopeless such that a public call or protest against impunity and bad governance becomes treasonable offence. That is why corruption is endemic in all spheres of life both in government and in private setting. That is why Nigeria is a failed state, a pseudo-terrorist enclave run by Fulani feudal lords that have taken mediocrity and bad governance to an all time low. If they claim they know what public service is, they should honor any invitation or undertake any engagement abroad. There we will teach and treat them to how established democracies perceive protest as a vehicle and opportunity for change and progress in the society.

As they pretentiously cry about Ekweremadu's mild encounter with IPOB, how about the use of AK47 and bayonett on innocent peaceful protesting civilians? Recently, the present British PM Boris Johnson was pelted with eggs and stoned, previously the same happened to John Major, John Prescott, ED Miliband, Nigel Farage and yet nobody was arrested or killed, the Australian PM  Scott Morrison was heckled and pelted with objects, no arrests and no prosecution. A Ukrainian politician was ruffled and thrown into a waste/refuse disposal bin nothing happened. Let me even come closer to Nigeria, Saraki was pelted with eggs, Goodluck Jonathan was molested by an angry mob of northern Alimajiri protesters, the late Buhari protested against Jonathan and court ruled in his favour that he had the freedom to protest but today the same Buhari has made it impossible for rule of law and good governance to trive.

Sowore is in illegal detention and from all these you can see that something sinister is fundamentally not genuine and right with the masses and the morally-depraved crop of politicians in the hellish contraption called Nigeria but more especially the governors and politicians from the East. IPOB has come to cure this mischief, to begin to do something about the prevailing collosal societal backwardness and collective primitive debasement of our ancient values and moral compass as a people.

South-East governors have also threatened to repatriate Nnamdi Kanu if the IPOB members dare attack any governor abroad, what is IPOB reaction to that?

The mere fact they are saying it is a clear demonstration of the extent of apprehension and panic in their camp. IPOB shall continue to pursue them regardless of the content of their paid advertorials in mainstream media. As you may know, these politicians are the arch sponsors of Operation Python Dance II and now 3, including all previous unprovoked Fulani invasion of our land, as a result of the criminal enterprise they entered into with their Northern Fulani Islamic jihadi masters; a murderous campaign of terror aimed at no other but IPOB in exchange for immoral political patronage. We have, therefore put them on notice, that should any IPOB member lose his or her life as a result of this illegal Operation Python 3, we will go after them, their children and their interests abroad. They and their families shall receive reciprocal ill treatment wherever they reside. They need not announce it, let them come abroad that they may appreciate the colossal reach of IPOB around the world.

Nnamdi Kanu has placed N1m bounty on any gov itinerary, is he getting responses on that?

Of course, so far so good but you know that this is a confidential and highly classified matter. Furthermore, our global intelligence unit have the capability and the ability to do the work. Through our intelligence units, we already have the existing and cancelled trips of these criminal especially the murderous governors and other culprits.

Nigerian embassy in Gemany says IPOB members who attacked Ike Ekweremadu in Germany risk 10 years jail term because they will be tried in line with German laws. What would you say about that?

Nigeria and Nigerians are irredeemably and unsalvageably ignorant of how the law works in civilised countries. Germany is not Nigeria where police brutality and impunity reign supreme. I can categorically confirm to you that there was and can never be any arrests and certainly no case to answer as no German extant law was breached. Germany is a civilized society unlike the primitive, uncivilised Nigerian state.

We learnt some of your members who attacked Ekweremadu have been arrested. Is this true?

I said to you that nobody was arrested and nobody will be arrested. The Nigerian media under pressure from frightened politicians and their media aides are sponsoring this line of reporting which is blatant falsehood in order to save face. We shall continue to expose them. The German police publicly confirmed that IPOB has the right to protest and the case is closed. In all honesty we would have wanted them to come to court so that we will have the opportunity to ventilate all the atrocities in Nigeria especially concerning the issue of Biafra. Nigeria will be disgraced even more.

South-East govs also said you don't have the means and reach to track them down abroad. How sure are you that you have the reach?

You see, as I indicated earlier they are quaking in their boots, they are jittery and in panic mode. Even you the journalists know that IPOB is the largest active mass movement on this earth, with presence in more than 100 countries of the world. Where would these corrupt politicians hide? We are effectively the largest freedom fighting movement in morden history so we have the reach, the intelligence and fanaticism to hunt them down. To cut the narrative short, simply ask the South East governors why they are jittery and panicky if they are not afraid of IPOB? We know how to handle them, we are waiting and if any of our red lines are crossed, we shall deal with them in line with our publicly avowed pronouncement and directive. Keep your ears on the ground and you will surely confirm the fulfillment of this pronouncements on the South East governors. Thank you.

What really is your anger with the South-East Govs?

Our anger is simple. The political class has betrayed and eroded the confidence of the people in the political process and have ganged up against the masses they ought to be protecting; they have looted the treasury dry, built political and economic capitals for themselves and their children while destroying the chances of survival of the vulnerable masses. People are being slaughtered like animals everyday, even today in Enugu (Ekweremadu's state) a pregnant mother was raped and butchered to death by Fulani terror herdsmen and no genuine affort has been made or is being made to stop the known killers who are being sponsored by the state. Put bluntly, blood of the innocent has been spilled through their acquiescence and in most cases as a consequence of their complicit silence. We want to let you know that people are angry and unless they meet our demands, we are not going to back down.

Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17



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