Nigerian President Gone Missing as IPOB Gathers in Japan

By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie
Published by The Biafra Post | 27 Aug. 2019

Jubri Al-Sudani, (picture 2) impersonating the dead Mohammadu Buhari; Real dead Mohammadu Buhari (picture 1)
More than 24 hours after the announced departure of Nigerian president, Muhammad Buhari, to Japan, the presidential jet carrying him is yet to land in Tokyo or anywhere. Buhari who took off on Sunday was officially announced to be heading to Tokyo in attendance of the 7th Tokyo Conference on Arica. Since his announced departure, however, he has not been reported seen anywhere in Tokyo – nowhere near Japan, and not even anywhere in the world. Has the president gone missing?

The silence of the presidency and the Aso Rock cabal is, to say the least, worrisome. Nigerian citizens deserve to know the whereabouts of their president and the true situations surrounding his trip. Japan is not planet Pluto to take an aircraft such eternity to land.

Meanwhile, IPOB family all around Japan has gathered in Tokyo in wait of Buhari's arrival. As seen in videos and pictures that have flooded the internet since the early hours of Sunday, the IPOB family in Japan is in high spirits to welcome the president in IPOB fashion - something that will make the Ekweremadu Nuremberg treatment a child's play.

Recall that the Supreme Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, few days ago gave a standing order to Biafrans in Japan to arrest the visiting president whom he has established in the past is an impostor from Sudan as the real Buhari is dead and buried is Saudi Arabia. Kanu who also officially wrote to Japanese authority concerning the imminent arrest of the impostor, argues that it is illegal and an international crime for the Abba Kyari cabal running the current Nigerian government to send an impostor to an international convention. He placed the Japanese authority on notice that the visiting man is not the true president of Nigeria but a Sudanese body double who has been impersonating the late Muhammad Buhari.

IPOB family in Japan therefore are under instructions to pick up the impostor for international trial. Biafrans are consequentially gathered en mass in wait of the president who, it is now becoming clear, has panicked and gone into hiding.

Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17



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