Written By Kelechi Okorie,

August 27,2019

Interweave relationship of above-mentioned groups may likely not be separated from each other, specifically due to its inherent interrelate functionalities with a slightly different mode of conduct used in defrauding Federal Government whenever they are need of funds. Haven Seen Ohaneze Ndigbo President-General, Nnia Nwodo, pledged allegiance to their Hausa Fulani master's from Northern caliphate should not be a surprise to anyone as it started from day one the Igbo Social Cultural group was created without nothing to show for till this moment. Many may not know Northern caliphate was the pioneer of Ohaneze Ndigbo in 1976, six years after Biafra genocidal war with an interior motive to continue Hausa Fulani supremacy, subtle the minds of Biafrans to patiently linking their wounds, using Ohaneze Ndigbo as elders’ intermediary having control of Biafra periphery. The word “Elder” always use to boggles Biafrans to shield and succumb in captivity, the same strategy was adopted by the terrorist colonial master (Britain) to perfect indirect rule during the colonial era.

This subtle consolidate group called Ohaneze Ndigbo is under the appose spring and caprice of Miyyeti Allah as Fulani smartly created the group immediately Biafra war ends in 1970, as directed by their godfather Britain. Having foreseen upheaval that might be threatened against Nigeria’s unity in diversity mantra, seal planned using Ohaneze Ndigbo as elders to scuttled harboring grievances’ in continuation of indivisibility of one Nigeria. Politically, Hausa Fulani are master planner, they planned 25 years ahead, so-called Nigerians are yet to know the real acronym of APC, the present terrorist ruling party was long in existence secretly working for the interest of Hausa Fulani, as a militant group after collapsed of 1966 coup, which Buhari later combatively participated as a militant/vandal to annihilate Biafra from existence.

Arewa People’s Congress (APC) fashioned as a political party now is systematically working accordingly as well planned surprisingly most cabals in Arewa People’s Congress are the same leading figures in APC ruling party manipulating Ohaneze Ndigbo, till date. Miyyeti Allah is a subordinate theme for Arewa People’s Congress. To allow common sense prevails Fulanis have succeeded built political dynasty leaving Ohaneze Ndigbo nothing than a mere house slave in a mansion control by Northern hegemony, that remains the reason Igbo interest is jeopardized without them altering a word in defense of Igbo speaking Biafra rather prefer to die for their masters at least to remain relevant in a slave camp.

The complicity of this Igbo social-cultural group cannot be overemphasis, their muteness on federal government’s lopsided political-economic policies, military clampdown, herdsmen daily killings meted against South Eastern region is provocative that deserves call for smash action, confrontation against this happy puppet self-claimed elders. A useless elder is not worthy to be called be an elder; a conspiratorial elder against its own people to please his Northern compatriots is doom for life when the same countrymen protect their won people wreaking havoc here and there. As injustice against Biafra becomes law in Nigeria, Biafrans may not have an option than the will of resistance becomes duty. IPOB’s travel ban on southeast politicians and Nnia Nwodo, President General Ohaneze Ndigbo, remains unchanged, an independent sincere panel of inquiry must be set up to ascertain genocidal war against Biafra, Operation Python Dance II, that left at least 28 IPOB dead with perpetrators brought to book of justice, call for herdsmen vandals to vacate Biafra soil and developed Biafraland to the standard of public appreciation or else enjoys confinement. New yam Festivals by some Igbo Groups in Diaspora where the yam celebrated is not cultivated is still in line with conditions demanded by Northern caliphate using Nnia Nwodo as arrowhead to comprehensively bring all the Igbo cultural groups under the control of Ohaneze Ndigbo as a central body.

The self-claimed elders are far behind Igbo cultural heritage, they all reside in another man’s lands like Abuja, Lagos, Jos, Malasia, London, USA, etc with useless unprecedented chieftaincy titles in foreign land making a mockery of Igbo culture contrary from original ancestral Igbo cultural believe. Unlike their counterpart Miyyeti Allah, that maintains Fulani cultural ethos with respect of Islamic extremism beyond the border of its territory yet still protect themselves at all cost.

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