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Editorial By Biafra Reporters | The Biafra Post
August 27, 2019

The continuous killings of the Biafran people have taken another murderous step by the ever crude Fulani herdsmen together with their brute Fulani soldiers in the Nigerian military formation without our so-called Igbo political leaders; statesmen and elites cautioning and calling these set of murderers to order using their respective offices, it will be wise to assert that the people acted civilly and were soft-hearted on Ike Ekweremadu in Germany reason being he was somewhat an Igbo man with Igbo blood and for that he should thank his stars that he scaled through the minds of angry Igbo youths and can tell others what it means to be a snitch.

Ike Ekweremadu was only egged to dawn on him that whoever maintain being silent in the face of evil or when evil is ongoing is part and parcel of that evil and for that must be treated in the same measure the people choose to eradicate such evil, Ike Ekweremadu would have written his name in gold in the hearts of many Igbo youths if he had acted to his people favour rather he chose to act like a rat whose only interest is to steal the fish placed in the smoking kiln from growing mold and subsequent maggot infestation.

He - Ike Ekweremadu was vile and unreasonable in anything that has to do with common sense and nation-building towards fighting those itinerary hitches militating against the survival of his Igbo people as a race, did he - Ekweremadu become a senator to make laws for the goats and cows or was he elected to such position to help redesign and reshape the constitution in order to accommodate and better the lives of his people by eradicating this untold hardship on his subjects and constituent members.

How many Enugwu indigenes are on Senator Ike Ekweremadu's payroll for scholarships, medical health care and other necessary incentives given to farmers in his region to help wipe away the subsistence farmers tears and sufferings from the hands of the ever marauding Fulani herdsmen pillaging his people's farmland hitherto destroying their hard earn cash crop. Does Ike Ekweremadu know that it cost money to buy agricultural seedlings, fertilizers either organic or nonorganic, and the high cost of generating electricity to irrigate their farms and at the end of the day Fulani cows make a feast on people's sweat and wealth without compensation?

In a nutshell, Ike Ekweremadu was/is the most greedy politician Igbo land has ever produced since he assumed office in the year 1999 without any edifice to show for it that he meant well for his people. Ike Ekweremadu speaking ambiguous words in the Senate Chamber and his mode of using English terms during Senate sessions is different from problem-solving, that is why he need employ the services of an erudite conflicts and resolutions expert to tutor him where and when necessary. He has fouled the gods and the land will not be fair to his seedlings unless he appeases the gods less he will run mad.

Come to South-East where this selfish, self centered and greedy politician emanated from and see for yourself there is, if not there are reason[s] why he was egged to serve as a deterrent to him and others at large that he/they need redirect his/their course of sail in life or maybe next time the gods will go for hunting when his people of Enugwu will descend on him for his inability to right his wrongs. Where Ike Ekweremadu comes from had no Federal government of Nigeria developmental infrastructures, no good networkable roads, no pipe-borne water, no electricity, and the University classrooms together with her laboratories are all in a deplorable and dilapidated state.

Would Ike Ekweremadu be nice and fair enough to tell us the schools in Nigeria where his children attended and were issued certificates upon graduation?. All these Igbo greedy politicians except private individuals should henceforth avoid medical trips overseas, sending their children and wards overseas to study, buying and renting accommodation for their children and wives overseas where there are comfort, security, and stable economy leaving ordinary Nigerian masses to suffer and die in abject poverty in this graveyard called Nigeria created by the British government and pacified by Hausa-Fulani the British government house slave

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