By Kelechi Okorie, For TBP
May 8, 2018
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, suit Buhari’s official visit to White House came and gone with a successful record of a nightmare that is yet to interpret, many were disappointed more especially those from Biafra extraction. They thought US president Donald Trump, will keep mentioning Biafra in his speech, on the other way round others were curious to get Nigeria president arrested immediately by international police (INTERPOL) once he steps his feet on US soil. Biafrans on their own intelligence staged protests at White House and other parts of the world with a massive crowd in attendance championing to be free from ethnic extermination, illegal detention, kidnapping of Biafran activists asking their voices to be heard. Some even suggested subjecting Nigeria president to undergo DNA taste to ascertain if truly he was the same Buhari that reported dead some time ago by reputable foreign media outfits. It was a battle of Titans, all these threats mounted serious tension on presidency they might even have a second thought to cancel the invitation as they normally do in Africa summits whenever they face the same challenges. Unfortunately for them, due to their inability to avert the call, they resolved to restrict Biafra protest using her embassy in US to accomplish their aim but no avail at a long run rather succeeded exposed their unarticulated disgraceful state managed conference questions where hired journalists from Nigeria were conditioned to curtail questions thrown on Buhari. Irrespective of Nigeria’s diplomatic shenanigans, Trump’s diplomatic gesture speaks louder than voice. His body language indicates gesture of defiance on Buhari’s lies in all his speeches, those with mere optical eyes misunderstood the game of international politics, US president ascertained the scenario played by Nigeria hired journalists to protect Buhari, that was why Trump smartly keeps diverting questions to his brainless counterpart to answer. Above all, Trump made his stand known that his government will not tolerate the killing of Christians and burning of churches when Nigeria bully defends his train terrorist kinsmen Fulani herdsmen that go around ravaging everywhere with sophisticated weapons. Like former British Prime Minister David Cameron, addressed Nigeria as a fantastically corrupt country, the same pouch was boldly used by Trump described the Shite Hole as a country with reputable massive corruption using the questioner to express his discomfort with so call anti-corrupt crusader.

A bilateralBilateral coalition of both countries diminish, the political dichotomy resulted cut down of trade among the two countries foreign investors took their heel due to unfavorable trade embargo by Nigeria government. It seems that was a joke Trump verbally showed his disappointment on Nigeria $150b annual aid without anything to write home about psychologically helping Nigeria is waste of resources. Very pathetic, people with no knowledge of diplomacy wanted the Bully to be hurt down without being convicted by competent law court. Though, Trump might be aware of the atrocities committed by the tyrant beside him US, as a respecter of law ought to follow the appropriate channels in implementing any delicate issue like this. in that case, Nigeria president pretends to be innocent in international political view untilthe court says otherwise.

It is inappropriate and violation of international law for the US, to intervene in any country without either legal backing or diplomatic peace agreement to foster lasting peace process. The killing of Christians in South Sudan was a cluster diplomatic approach to generalize the killings in Sudan by former US president Bush to divide the territory, after decades of a mass murderer of Christian South Sudanese. This approached was commended by foreign political actors after the peace accord was finally facilitated definitely, Trump is taking the same footsteps to riddle Buhari’s maladministration in restoring hope, life, dignity and lost heritage in West Africa Sub-region.

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