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May 11,2018

Behind the facade of the Biafran Struggle, agitation, referendum, restoration, sovereignty independence, and self-determination was the Afara Ukwu, Umuahia Ibeku and Abia State Born Prince in the name of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The Biafran Supreme Leader.

The dreams of this once in a lifetime deliverer, and Messiah of the Biafran Struggle were as follows:

1. Setting the Oppressed people of Biafra Free
2. Giving back the people of Biafra their land

3. Making it easy for the people of Biafra to have a good education

4. Stamping out nepotism
5. Stopping the genocide against his people
6. Building a Biafra state where no man would be oppressed
7. Allowing each federating unite of the Biafra people to control their God-given natural resources
8. Laying an everlasting developmental foundation for the people of Biafra
9. Making Biafran people to be respected among the league of nations bedeviled
10. Bring the basic infrastructures to the average Biafran people
11. Giving freedom to those under the Fulani/Hausa slavery
12. Setting Biafran free from the bondage of one Nigeria
13. Building a Biafra where they shall have right to life
14. A Country where basic human rights are respected
15. The dreams of this Supreme leader was to stamp out corruption, fraud, and all manners of evils that have to bedevil the Nigerian state

These are few of the many things the Kanu of the Biafran state wanted for his people. He dreamt of a homeland where everything works. Ranging from permanent electricity, water supply, good roads, free education, freedom of worship, good and better medical services for all.

It was never a tall dream, this was a dream that has nearly been achieved but for the betrayal of his kinsmen, but for the betrayal of his people, for the betrayal of those whose future he was fighting for.

Like Joseph of the Bible days, Nnamdi Kanu was sold by his blood brothers, he was betrayed by those he called fathers, by those we all look up to as elders.

These elders turned out to be the evil that has betide our beloved Biafra. If Ifeajuna was touted to be a sellout, a saboteur, the atrocities of the elders of the lower Niger, their sons and daughters, their leaders, their governors, their senators, their military men, their legislators was beyond Betrayal. It was evil, devilish, it was an abomination not only to the human understanding, but abominations unto the gods of our land, and our ancestors and to the (CHUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA.) God almighty

The conspiracy against a son of the soil carried out by his so-called fathers against this man was of so grievous and wicked. It is the type of wickedness that could wipe out a whole town in the days of our forefathers. These elders and leaders did not only sold the Biafran Supreme leader to the Fulani Hausa murderers but committed an act of blood shade against over 3,000 of his supporters. Their blood will judge you and all your generations for years to come.

Nnamdi Kanu in his little wisdom tried his very best to put the unity of the Biafrans together, bringing in people from all works of life to start to reason with one mind and one accord. When the ovation was loudest, the five sons of anarchy with the irresponsible drunken leadership of the ohaneze Ndi Igbo lead by the efulefu son of a Biafra man sold this Saviour to the uncircumcised to be slaughtered like a chicken in the comfort of his fathers compound. Yet they pretend that nothing happened. They never felt the pain of the death of their children killed in broad daylight over their watch.

While the blood of the Biafran agitators flow in every cranny of the Biafran land, these leaders, elders and the governors and their wives and families smiled to the bank after various visits to the seat of power in Abuja. Abuja a city built within two years with the oil money that flows from the creeks of the riverine area of Biafran region, the most impoverished part of this planet earth.

That Okezie Ikpeazu an Ngwa man whom his brothers and kinsmen fought day and night to help make a governor would give order for the same kinsmen to be slaughtered like goats and dogs because he was seeking for a second term in office is so heartbreaking to bear. I was among those that did the foot and house to house campaign all around Ngwa Land spending the hard earned money I made in Europe hiring buses and canopies and banners and making posters and flags to make sure that Okezie Ikpeazu would become governor of Abia state. But over his watch, Ngwa people were killed, murdered, and killed for his quest to be respected by the Buhari regime. To those who do not know Umuahia very well, the seat of government in Abia state in Umuahia, where Ikpeazu finds himself as a governor sits on the parcel of land of the Afara Ukwu Kingdom the abode of the King of Afara Ukwu the father of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader and savior of Biafra. The distance is that of a stone throw. The governor´s security men were close to the Afara Ukwu house of Nnamdi Kanu. But on the day of the python dance, in other to kill the Prince of Biafra, Ikpeazu withdrew all these security men from the state house and its surroundings. A sign that he was aware of the orders to murder his Biafran brothers and kill the Supreme leader of Biafran Struggle.

Ikpeazu lives and breaths the air of the Afara Ukwu land. You rule Abia state from Umuahia. Posterity shall never cease to judge the unjust and the bloodthirsty of your action. As chief security officer of Abia state, the safety of the lives and property of Abia people rested on your shoulder. You reserve the rights to argue with the Buhari regime not to bring the python dance to your domain knowing fully well the plan to kill your people. As the governor of the state, you should have stood between this prince of Persia in Abuja and the lives of your Biafran brethren. Yet you traded their lives with second four-year terms that you do not know if you will be around till then as life is in the hands of God.

Today, we keep discovering bodies of Biafran agitators in bushes all around the state. Some burnt alive. Some killed executed. . Some with their hands and legs tied. Some thrown into the muddy waters to die. Ikpeazu what are the total number of your Abia people killed over your nose as at today? What have you done to see the dead? What efforts have you taken to address the issues that gave rise to this agitation in your state? Instead, you have been taking one foreign loan after another. The purpose of those loans? No one knows. Yet in bold letters, you have failed to pay Abia State Civil servants including those at the state house and the ministries. Yet again, you can employ over 1,450 Special Assistants on your re-election matters in Abia state for 2019 at a salary of N65,000 per month. EMEKWA NDU OBU EKELE for these types of atrocities being committed by those in power? There is a God that is a rewarder of the just and the wicked.

To Rochas Okorocha whom the people of Imo state has foolishly allowed staying in power up to date, discussions concerning him is better done in the night so that the rats and cockroaches would take them to their holes before morning comes.

A man who never had any physical establishment, yet he happens to be a multi-millionaire. A man well described by the leader of the Biafran struggle as a bastard. Born of an uncircumcised Hausa man from a promiscuous mother, and brought up among them, went into fraud, killed a Briton and ran away back to the north. Rochas was imposed on the people of Imo State who have refused to protest his continued betrayal of Imo state people. Okoroacha has not hidden his love for the Fulani Hausa and has on many occasions told Imo and Biafran people that their lives depend on the Northerners. Okoroacha who established a gay club in Owerri and has squandered all the taxpayers money in Imo State by inventing every kind of project that does not do any good to the people of Imo State and Biafran people at large had so much hatred against Nnamdi Kanu and was the arrowhead in the invitation of the Hausa Fulani to the land of Biafra with the sole purpose of eliminating Nnamdi Kanu for speaking against him and for revealing the true identity of this modern day Lucifer.

What Nnamdi Kanu warned the people of Imo state is what is happening today in Imo State Biafraland. Okorocha has spend 560,000,000 Naira to build for the sleeping people of Imo State their own equivalent of the American Statue of Liberty of the over corrupt South African President Jacob Zuma whose countrymen has been busy killing Biafra people residing in former apartheid enclave of South Africa whom we all contributed money for to liberate. Today he is set to unveil another statue of the Liberian president. Okorocha is said to have budgeted a whopping sum of 820,000,000 Naira just to cook rice at Christmas while our Biafran brothers and sisters are jobless. This is the type of human being that the Good people of imo state allowed to rule them. I am ashamed to have come from Imo State.

Okorocha made every sure to see that Nnamdi Kanu does not see the light of the day by reaching an agreement with the Burutai led military to Biafra land to kill the supporters of the supreme leader. Okorocha was the main reason why IPOB was hurriedly proscribed.

Knowing that he has lost his followers in Biafraland, knowing that the ball now is in the hands and feet of Nnamdi Kanu, Okoroacha made sure that the name IPOB would be unspoken, unheard and erased from the memories of all Biafran people for all time by its prescription and banning the sales of all materials relating to Biafra and Nnamdi Kanu.

Imo State people knew that Okoroha has taken them back in terms of everything for at least 30 years. The infrastructures in Imo state still remain the ones built by De Sam Mbakwe of blessed memories. When Okorocha boasted and paraded himself as the new Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, he called him Owelle. When Okorocha said he has become the new Nnamdi Okpara and the Mbakwe of our time, Imo state people did not understand that him Okorocha was initiating them into occult of the more you look, the less you see. The people killed under the supervision of Okorocha at the Eke Ukwu Market in Owerri are yet to come out from the shock. When Okorocha boasted of free education to the sons and daughters of Imo State, they Imolites did not understand that this was Okoroacha´s case of sharpening his 419 biros and pencils on their intelligence.

Rochas believed that no greater person would come out of Biafra land except himself. Having to kill his people and scatter the Biafran agitation became a bargaining point for him to seek for election in 2019 and to impose his son in law as the next governor of Imo state. Did imo state people forget how Okorocha was giving juicy positions to his girlfriends at the various state and government lodges across the country? Who is the fool here? Okorocha or Imolites?

When Nnamdi Kanu called some of the Igbo sons and daughters names, people thought he was stupid, arrogant and insulting them.

Today Biafran people all over the world even those that were opposed to his agitation have remembered him. Today they regret ever working against him. Like Jesus, they never appreciated him when he was with them.

Nnamdi Kanu saw it afar off that the Hausa Fulani led government of Nigeria under their son who swore to Islamize the country at all cost would stop at nothing to exterminate the Biafran people as he was part of the regime that attempted same between 1967 to 1970.

Nnamdi Kanu cried out loud about the plans of the Fulani Hausa people to grab Biafran lands by way of introducing the Grazing Charter and Bill. By establishing cattle ranches all over Biafran Land. Yet his people did not believe him.

When Patrice Lumumba told his countrymen and women that the only westerner he could trust was a dead one and called on Congo to rally behind him to build a nation where every man would be equal, the Congolese refused, they betrayed him and he was assassinated. Today Zaire (Congo) has remembered him.

When the people of Ghana failed to support the developmental ideas and good leadership of Kwame Nkrumah, plotted to kill him on several occasions, finally drove him out of Ghana and allowed their founding father to die in exile. Today Ghana has remembered Dr. Kwame Nkurumah.

When the people of Upper Volter refused to see beyond the ordinary and to know that a redeemer was living among them and has come to make their country the best in Africa, when they conspired with a demon in the person of Compare Blaise to assassinate their leader who transformed the nation and renamed them the Land of the Upright Men, slaughtered him like a dog and buried him in an unmarked grave at the middle of the night. Today Burkina Faso (Upper Volter) has remembered Thomas Sankara.

Same has become of Nnamdi Kanu among the people of Biafra and even beyond.

When he spoke of the terror of the Hausa Fulani against the people of Biafra we all thought he was making noise.

When Nnamdi Kanu spoke of the Quota system that has done no good to the nation, people condemned him.
When he spoke about the marginalization of the people of the lower niger, those that find peace from picking the crumbs that fall from the table of the Hausa Fulani leaders condemned him.

When he spoke of the lopsided appointments in the country and the exclusion of the Biafran intellectuals, people called for his head.

When you would not be admitted into the Nigerian Armed Forces unless your names are Usman, Isiaku, Ibrahim, Buhari, Idris, Dasuki, etc and he called for a change to this including the admission of students into unity schools in the country by setting up of scores that the sons and daughters of the Funali and Hausa extraction would have compared to that of the people of other regions especially Biafra, Nia Nwodo and his co Judases felt he has no respect for them.

Today the people of Biafra are remembering Nnamdi Kanu.
Judge him if he spoke the truth when he was among you. Judge him.

To be Continued

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