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(May 30th 2018 in focus) Comr Odirachinma Ezeobi (TBP) Between 1966 to 1970, an avoidable war was waged against Christian populated Biafrans by Nigerian government during a religious and ethnic cleansing. Regrettably, the British government to the chagrin of the christian community chose to equip non-Christians north with armories and strategies against the eastern inhabitants that swallowed the gospel hook, line and sinker.

Why the above became necessary to recall is the fact that much has not changed in the Christian fold today. The leadership of the church is adamant to the killing of the members of their church today in Nigeria just like the British Christian government did during the war. It became abominable for the Christan fold to fold their hands and seal their mouths in the face of countless massacre of thousands of christians but did not keep mute immediately the killings got to the clergymen themselves. There is a need for the spirit of "ubuntuism" to be prevalent in the church society, the lives of every christian should matter to the church leaders. The church must take may 30th as a 'condition sine qua non' and make sure that church honour those Christians who were massacred defending their faith and protecting their land from the uncircumcised fulanis in late 60's. It is gross wickedness for the church leadership to act as if nothing happened. It is more evil for the church not to keep may 30th as sacrosanct and honourable as any Biafran would do.

God of heaven, the owner of the church will hold no church leader guiltless if they fail to honor Biafra that were massacred defending their faith. I hereby appeal to the church to rewrite their wrongs of dishonoring their brethren right come 30th may 2018 and order for a total sit at home fasting and prayer for the souls that have lost their lives defending their faith

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