The Biafra Post | November 25, 2017

Let me first send a message of condolence to Chidoka who immediately admitted defeat before the election result was announced. He made it clear that he came to change the culture of politics and our perception of it but sadly; the people love the culture of political impunity. Chidoka did well campaigning and standing on the side of the people but that was a timely error because the people had decided to boycott the election.

When Chidoka stormed polling booth to vote; the people were asking him how much he came with, if he came with One Thousand Naira each, they won’t vote but if he came with Five Thousand Naira each, they will vote. He was shocked and wondered if everything he has been telling these people didn’t enter their mind. But that is what it is; there is a culture the people have embraced and that is a culture of political impunity.

Then Obiano’s party agents were there; sharing Twenty Thousand Naira to each voter; who would turn around the second time on Chidoka? His press statement after the election was emotional; too emotional that I began to feel drops of tears without crying. He was not only embarrassed with money; he was betrayed by the people he thought needed change and future.

But let Chidoka take it easy; he should not think much and condemn few innocent Anambra hungry men that voted for the highest bidder. The people have no interest or rather boycotted the election and so there was no sensitization or harmony within the few electorates. Politicians have destroyed our people and our people have developed a character of getting back at them and that was the case of Chidoka being betrayed.

When a candidate wins election; he takes everything and goes to the government house and that is the end with the people. Politics is all about money; politicians invest in politics to gain a lot more and that is why politics remains a dirty business in Nigeria. The only chance the people have is when politicians come back to the poll. The only window for Obiano to impact the life of the people is when he comes to the poll, he would be forced to pay and buy our votes and go back to continue his business.

I saw Obiano sharing Fifty Thousand Naira; millions moving in and out of every local government which later goes to wards and polling booths. I saw a video of an elderly man writing down names and sharing the money Obiano gave him. The people happily collected the money and running their tongues on their lips and savoring for more. They happily sold mandate to Obiano and rejoiced back home; but my problem is coming tomorrow to rant that Obiano should construct second Niger bridge.

To the 10% of you that collected money and voted; let me make something clear, Obiano came and bought your votes and went back, Anambra state belongs to him and not with you. He bought Anambra state in the poll and he would manage Anambra state like his enterprise and he owes you nothing. He has done everything for you and he must be left to enjoy the proceeds of his business. I am not against voting Obiano because I have no interest in Anambra election; I am against collecting his money for votes.

I was listening to an Anambra state based radio station which told people to call in and say what the governor should do for them. I laughed because I don’t understand the rationale behind hosting such program when the ideal program should be on sensitization of voters to correct their error.
Obiano to have spent billions of Naira on the 10% that voted in Anambara state and coming back to ask him what to do for them is greed and disturbance to the governor of the state. The business ended when he paid you all in those polling booths.

It is high time you all understand that the business has ended and everybody must go back to his or her home and wait again after four years when the business window will open. When a bird learns to fly without perching, the hunter learns how to shoot sporadically.

The money Obiano could have used to work has been used to pay every single one of you for your votes and he would replenish because he won’t go empty handed. For those of you mentioning the roads that will be constructed; I know that you expect Obiano to do money ritual for it, maybe castrate his manhood for money to construct roads.

We will continue to suffer if we don’t wake up and join the train of political revolution; the purpose of election boycott is to remind those politicians that we are in control but ten percent of you felt we are stupid. The Fifty, Ten, Five, One Thousand shared to you must have finished and yet we that did not collect and severed the urge are still better than you all that collected the peanut.

Authored by Ifeanyi Chijioke

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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