By Odiranchinma Ezeobi - TBP
November 25, 2017

Biafrans celebrating Ofe Nsala Day as they boycott Anambra Election on 18th Nov. 2017
The much anticipated Anambra election may have come and gone but the history it has written on stones of time remains infinity. There were fears of violence, threats and counter threats as November 18 drew close. The worst of it all was the threat of election boycott as was championed by the Indigenous People of Biafra; IPOB threat to boycott any election in Biafra land starting with the just concluded Anambra State November 18 gubernatorial election provoked the Nigerian State to act unconsciously by sending in thousands of troops into Anambra State to stop the people from taking such action.

As reported earlier, though it beats all levels of logic how troops could possibly stop "boycott" of election or do they have another hidden agenda in mind for the people of Anambra State? It dawned on Nigerian government and her politicians; it was like a spell, magic as not less than 80% of Anambrarians [eligible to voters] boycotted the Anambra State election on the rightful order of the Indigenous People of Biafra leadership.

Biafra journalists were deployed in all parts of Anambra State to send in live update on 18th November whereas Nigerian media houses were busy feeding propaganda and bloated lies to their gullible and diminishing audience that election took effect in the State of Anambra. If they weren't selling cheap lies to the masses, what are they doing with pictures from Lagos State election, pictures from Kogi State election in their reportage.

If they are not spreading propaganda to the gullible public, why do they field in their reports with pictures from other States' past elections all in a bid to destroy the claims of election boycott exercise perfected in Anambra by the Indigenous People of Biafra. The fact was that the streets were deserted as people locked themselves up in their various homes enjoying Ofe Nsala delicacy; many were seen covering their drinks with their voters card.

Biafran youths were seen playing football at exactly Unizik junction during the voting hours; Live videos and pictures from Oko Polytechnic showed the boys in the school field playing football while the polling units were all scanty with some unscrupulous individuals seen standing-waiting for the highest bidder to sell their votes.

In most of the polling units across Anambra State; Biafra journalists can boast have only party agents, INEC officials and men of the Nigerian security operatives in military, civil defence and police uniforms standing and keeping watch within the voting area.
Some other units were occupied by the above and few individuals who could not endure the suffering incurred in the land by same politicians were seen and covered on video by Biafran Reporters selling their votes to the highest bidders.

Yes, we dare Nigerian media to challenge us with facts and not shameful old pictures that has got nothing to do with Anambra State election. No matter how high the Nigerian Independent National Electoral Commission wants to bloat the election results, as INEC increased the number of voters to which we can testify with our statistical findings on ground.

Edited By: Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi
Tweeter Handle: @ewestlaw


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