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It is worthy to note federal government has different strategies of punishing biafrans which they can either deny or lie through their teeth as usual. Forensic inquiries and application of common reasoning has exposes military systematic method of depopulate Biafrans in what they called retaliation for Goodluck Jonathan’s fight against Boko Haram in North East during his tenure as President.

Northern politicians were sole sponsors of Boko Haram terrorists to make Goodluck Jonathan’s government ungovernable as publicly proclaimed by Buhari, the present clone sitting Nigeria president to reclaim their born to rule mantra. They felt biter seen their foot sponsors terrorists solders decimated by past regime. This made them vowed to pay back without leaving any stone upturned until all their evil plans are fulfilled, disguising measures like free military medical scheme becomes imperative.

At the same time, escalation of strange transmitted monkey pox disease in Bayelsa and Akwa Ibom respectively, both in Biafraland where Nigeria military deceivably claimed to have had rendering free medical treatment to the rural duelers but spreading dye slow deadly virus ought to be an eye opener that Nigeria government wants Biafrans dead by all means. For those that had forgot this tricks of free medical virus is another form of Udi genocidal massacre in Bayelsa state that left thousands of children, old men and women during the most ugly specie’s tenure president Olusegun Obasanjo.

It is naturally on record, strange illness never been found in Biafraland unlike, Northern part of Nigeria where all kinds of diseases are littered everywhere, military free medical scheme left domain that needs urgent medical attention but found roaming like serpent looking for whom to deceive with deadly infected free monkey pox virus they invested from Daura, Buhari’s hometown.

Funny enough, Nigeria terrorist solders given out free health care while their various communities and immediate families are undergoing serious severe heatlh challenges that solutions are yet to be discovered. What is the rational Nigeria military provides what they did not have? When did blood thirsty terrorist Nigeria solders become professional doctors to treat patient whereas, their clone president is continuously on medical trip abroad? How many times Buruntai and members of his family receives treatment from Nigeria Military Medical Department that makes him think his murderous heartless solders can cure illness if not spreading virus?

Even blind can feel the heat and acknowledge the bold handwritten on the board that Buhari is evil without conscience. His plans were to inflict pains, disease, dehumanization, afflictions in all corners of Biafraland. No smoke without fire, FG denials spreading monkey pox virus through its lying machine Lai Mohammed, the Information Minister and Culture indicates the hidden truth is gradually coming out for Biafrans to caution themselves on what is to come on their interior motive to punish Biafrans with unequal national distribution of 5% votes cast during last presidential general election. Biafrans desist any kind of military medication it is also another means to know all the hideout to enable them execute plan mayhem at appropriate time we must remember impact of Operation Python Dance in South East is still fresh, it is synonym to Crocodile Smile II.

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