Written By Odirachinma Ezeobi - TBP October 12, 2017
Sometime's in the land of the English man known to be as England around 1215AD; there exist three major sets of personalities in England, the royal crown family, the barons; the barons are men in charge of the towns and controller of the vassals. Then the commoners, the commoners are seen as the less privileged people in the English land, the commoners are citizens that are forced to serve both the king and the barons.
It was noted that the barons were working hand in hand with the kings; they were together exploiting the common people living in the same Geo space with them, this ugly behavior of the King and the barons created a kind of society of class where there was no law and order as the king was seen as the most supreme among his fellow citizens. At a point in time, the barons who had deep seated political and economic interest in England came together and decided that their statues must change as they think the king was consuming too much than they were and one way or the other they felt the pains of the poor masses not without nursing some selfish ambitions at heart.

They demanded that certain laws be implemented that the common people may have right to certain level but the King said they were asking for too much and with that, he remained adamant to their pleas as he sees himself as the supreme leader. They made all attempts to make the King to see reasons with them and mellow down but the King was too adamant coupled with his arrogant mannerism to listen or concede to anything apart from the existing situation and standard.

The sufferings and back biting of the commoners continued that it came to a point that the conflict deepens and the barons withdrew their support and allegiance to the king; the King was placed in a difficult situation as he was deserted by the people from which he derives his power and probably his backbone from [The barons], he was afraid that the barons may team up with the commoners in England and depose him or better still destroy him intellectually.

As recorded in history books; he [King John] being the paramount ruler of his time then was not far from the truth as on 7th May 1215AD, he lost completely control of all in England as the barons gain more support and more power from the commoners. King John did not wait for advisers from his International friends to call for a dialogue between himself and the barons, he was now ready to mellow down as the barons had earlier pleaded. He did this to safeguard himself from being lynch by the people.

Just few days from May 1215AD, that the English polity was heated up; it was on June 1215AD that King John signed a law popularly known as magma carta conceding to the establishment of a formal system of liberties and rights that citizens could enjoy without the interference of the King or the State factors.

The magma carta was not only useful to the barons but the commoners also gained. The King with the implementation of this magma carta was made to act within the rule of law and just then the consciousness of men was awakened. Magma carta proclaimed for all free men the right to fair trial and judgement.

Yes magma carta was a product of the barons seeking for the interest of all in the society that they lived, it was an elitist struggle but then it won some fundamental freedom and rights for the commoners and subsequently have profound and prolonged influence on legal thoughts in many parts of the world today as I speak to my many audience.

The battle for the freedom of the common man in any human occupied country should be taken up by the elitist as the State [The Political class] can not do much without listening to the pleas made by the commoners in their society. The people in power can not continue to act above the law if the elitist or barons in this country could rise up and seek for true change in the land.

It is in lieu of this that I wish to draw comparison with what Nnamdi Kanu and his common people are requesting from the Nigerian State since it is seen that the Nigerian government with her State factors drives so much joy in the sufferings of his people subjected to neo-slavery. I hope to see African elites and leaders borrow a leaf from this and change from their high headed tyrant behaviors toward their subjects.

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