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January 27, 2017

Charly boy
Let us pause a moment and kindly ask this very young man if he was drunk and drugged or is he suffering awareness deficiency? I have not had experience of what marijuana can do because my head is not strong enough to stand the highness but I have heard stories from victims of mental knock. I was told that once you are under the influence; you can do or say anything without following order or you say something entirely out of context. You might even be deprived of what is going on around you and any subject you hear; you chip in like a mad man.

Charly Boy is a suspect of drug addict or he is drunk as at the time he made the statement which said that ‘Biafra is an illusion’. I have hardly said something without buttressing it; that is the difference- a class over most thoughtless Nigerian columnists that don’t have the privilege to passionately express themselves but poised to defend evil with poor argument. Most of them that call themselves journalists are nothing short of a Charly Boy.

When I say Charly Boy is a suspect of drug addict; I want you to understand that a man that suddenly starts dragging ear rings with women is not mentally stable. If Justice Oputa of blessed memory suddenly begot a son that plaits hair; walked the streets of Lagos all his life, failed woefully in Music industry and many more, then something is wrong. If learned men like Late Oputa suddenly begot a son that doesn’t put on his tie and administer justice; who goes into music industry and not up to 2face class, something is seriously wrong. Finally; if Justice Oputa left a son that could not fill the vacuum he left in any way possible; then drug can be so disappointing.

Now let us go back to the core issue; Charly Boy said that Biafra is an illusion, this is where I want you to judge my claim of drug addict that has either lost his senses. When this young man could have said Biafra is an illusion has it not passed? Now do you understand what I mean when I tried to explain how drug influences one? It can take one aback or further than the world; you either talk from the beginning or talk from the end, you can never align. If Biafra can be an illusion at a time a sitting President of America openly invited Biafra to his inauguration, then what is Biafra all these years nothing happened?

To an average citizen that knows what Biafra is or have heard of Biafra since Nnamdi Kanu championed it; is the question not when will Biafra be restored or what should be replaced with Biafra? A time Obasanjo is fighting to bridge Biafra with Igbo Presidency; a drug addict is talking about illusion? A time Buhari is saying he would rather die than allow Biafra; an addict is talking about illusion. Can you simply see that this young man is talking from the beginning; he is simply not flowing. How can he be talking what we all talked before Nnamdi Kanu proved us wrong by virtue of where Biafra is today? When a man wakes up today and call a mainstream political discussion illusion, is it not enough to know he just finished snuffing powder? Oh dear me; did you say Oputa gave birth to that guy? So what the world and Nigeria is everyday talking about is an illusion? If Charly Boy is not chained; you will not know the length of his madness.

Yes. Biafra was an illusion before Nnamdi Kanu took over and made it a reality; Obasanjo even said that Biafra was dead but today he is pleading that Presidency should be given to bridge Biafra. How can Biafra be an illusion now the whole news platform in the world know and mention Biafra? How can Biafra be an illusion now Nigeria never passes a day without mentioning Biafra? How can Biafra be an illusion now that the issue has saturated that there must be a solution to it? Now you can agree with me that by virtue of the position of Charly Boy that he is presently under influence? I am convinced that he would soon get himself and question his guys, did I actually say that?

Why should I bother myself when a tout just talked; is this Okada people matter or is this ganja boys matter? Is Biafra Lagos street show or Lagos base meeting of born and brought up children of the dirtiest city in the world. No wonder before his speech, he clearly notified that he is a true Biafran son because people would be wondering if he is really a Biafran or Lagosian Yoruba boy.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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