Chima Onyekachi; Writes/Reports for TBP
January 27, 2017

Biafrans rallying for Trump in Igweocha
The world is still aghast at the extra-judicial killing and violence against the Indigenous People of Biafra during the solidarity rally in support of US President Donald Trump as mainstream media continues to report the massacre. The people of Biafra had gathered in Igweocha (Port Harcourt) on 20th January, 2017 to celebrate the inauguration of Donald Trump as US President but were met with a strong resistance from the Nigeria security forces, which led to over 20 deaths and several injuries, also over 100 persons were arrested and are undergoing trial on a spurious charge of treason. The leadership of IPOB had written official letters to the Nigeria security forces intimating them of the planned solidarity rally for Donald Trump but the letter was ignored and the massacre of peaceful Biafrans was approved instead.

In Nigeria, the right to peaceful assembly has been appropriated for only those in the good book of President Muhammadu Buhari while those perceived as enemies by the Nigeria government cannot exercise the same right. While the people of Biafra were gunned down by the Nigeria security forces for celebrating the inauguration of Donald Trump, those protesting against the US President were shielded and applauded by the Nigeria government. While Biafrans were battered and arrested in Igweocha, the anti-Trump protesters were guided and had traffic controlled for them in Lagos. The anti-Trump protesters visited the American Embassy in Lagos but were never harassed or molested but Biafrans rallying peacefully for President Donald Trump were massacred by the Nigeria security forces. The hatred for Biafrans by Muhammadu Buhari is not in doubt, as he has continually engaged in killing them since the Biafra Genocide of 1967-70.

The Nigeria Police Force has described the ‘Biafrans for Trump’ rally as illegal while remaining mute on the anti-Trump protest carried out by Nigerians. The Nigeria constitution and the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Right have defined clearly the freedom of assembly, association and expression but the Nigeria government has chosen to abuse the right when exercised by Biafrans. The case of treason instituted against the arrested Biafrans is laughable and is a show of ignorance on the part of the Nigeria government. How can persons who had in their possession only the flags of US, Russia, Israel and Biafra be accused of committing treason? While Fulani herdsmen who have engaged in a killing spree in most parts of Nigeria have never been arrested nor tried before any court of law.

The solidarity rally for Trump by Biafrans was not devoid of harassment of journalists who went there to cover the event.  Their gadgets were seized and in most cases destroyed by the Nigeria security forces who wanted the atrocities against the people of Biafra not to be recorded by the media. Journalists were targeted, pursued and injured if found covering the event or speaking to participants of the rally. An editor of The Authority Newspaper had his smartphone smashed and was almost shot after speaking to Biafrans in the rally. Biafran journalists were specifically targeted to thwart the live streaming of the event.

As usual, the Nigeria security forces ferried the corpses of Biafrans they had murdered at the rally ground to an unknown location. Hospitals were raided as injured victims of the rally were arrested and taken to detention centers, mortuaries were not left out as the security forces also raided and forcefully took away corpses of Biafrans murdered during the rally.

The Nigeria government has refuse to investigate the previous killings of peaceful Biafrans as demanded by Amnesty International, but rather has engaged in killing more Biafrans with impunity. The killing of Biafrans rallying for US President Donald Trump while condoling those protesting against him is an affront to the US government and must not be taken for granted.

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