SEPTEMBER 10, 2016

More than two years after the alleged abduction of over 200 female students of Government Secondary School, Chibok in Borno State by Boko Haram insurgents, a coalition of Christian women in Nigeria, under the aegis of Women’s Wing of Christian Council of Nigeria on Friday in Abuja, described it as “a big scam.”

The organisation warned proponents of the campaign for the release of the Chibok girls to retreat, saying “Nigerians should not toy with Nigerians because before they know it, women will arise and they will see the other side of women.”

Before now, notable Nigerians, including a former President, had reportedly described the Chibok incident which took place on the night of April 14/15 April 2014, as a scam.

Meanwhile, a group, currently championing the release of the abducted girls under the aegis of Bring Back Our Girls (#BBOG#), has been clashing with pro-government forces.

The #BBOG#, led by a former Minister of Education, Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili, had been barred by security agencies from any form of protest.

The National President of WOWICCN, Rev. Mrs. Omatsola Williams, in an interview with journalists during the organisation’s 2nd biennial national convention in Abuja, themed: “Women-Goodly Heritage”, said people are now using the #BBOG# campaign to promote themselves and their pockets.

She said, “For me, I don’t believe that there is (any kidnapping of) Chibok girls. We should not use the lives of people to play ‘Jambo’ (game) at all. Some people are using this to make money. How thick is the Sambisa forest that (military) people cannot penetrate? Food for thought; when you come to Niger Delta area, there is no secret. Nigerians should not toil with Nigerians because before they know it, women will arise and they will see the other side of women.”

But the BBOG said it had no comment. “We won’t respond to the comment,” its spokesman, Abdullahi Abubakar, said.

Speaking on the current economic situation in Nigeria, Williams said that it was high time “we all returned to the drawing board and make use of “our God-given talents.”

The WOWICCN President said that the country had a lot of opportunities if well harnessed, which could turn around the fortune of the people for the better.

She said, “Let all of us go back to the drawing board and forget about oil. Nigeria is a blessed country, a fertile land that has a lot of opportunities to tap. We have forgotten, even the talents given to us, we don’t want to use it. Now is the time, the era of white-collar jobs is over.”

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