Published On The Biafra Post
May 16, 2021

Nigeria Government sent their hardened police operatives to Somalia to recruit Al shabab terror group to help them fight this war.

They are also the terror groups scattered in Yoruba forest waiting to attack Lagos.

Remember the #US Intel said the terrorist are heading South. The attack was meant to start in 2022 but events are unfolding faster, so they are proceeding earlier than mandated, to start in 2021.

Benue state is the headquarters of Al qaeda after which they will advance to Anambra , Al shabab owns Lagos Yoruba Axis, this is prophetic and its coming. Our people must rise and stand their ground.

The terror groups are three= ISIL, Al- shabab and Al- aqaeda they are advancing south,  making their presence felt in less than no time.



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