Written By Mazi Eziokwu Bu Ndu | The Biafra Post | September 05, 2023

Life is generally hard everywhere as riches are not being picked on the floors, but in Nigeria it is worst than you can imagine.
Many social provisions or amenities provided by a functional and responsible government for the benefit of all specifically a common man in a working society are what people in Nigeria are suffering hard to have, these and many more makes it harder to live and survive in Nigeria without having a second thought of leaving the country in search of greener pastures elsewhere, that's the reality of today's Nigeria.

In a sane clime, common man in a working and functional society have these things made readily available to them to make life and surviving easier for them, that is why they have time and money to go on vacations, field trips, on medical leave, work leave and also to have quality time with their families. That's how a functional society reasons. The government should have no interest in hiking the general prices of goods and services rather to subsidize it and to deflate the high level of inflation rate.

How many civil servants in Nigeria can boast of going on vacations, work leave, field trips and medical leave and the government sponsoring them to that effect?. With your meagre salary in an inflated Nigeria?. This is not feasible to into practice, it's unrealize-able, it's totally unachieve-able today in Nigeria when every sector of the Nigerian government generating economy is corrupt with many corrupt government officials stashing away monies meant for the proper development of me and you.

This is not achieve-able when you are busy calculating how to spend your poor salary in other not to go borrowing just to augment with the stipends they offer to you as salaries. The fact is that; not that you won’t borrow to augment things but you will try as hard as possible not to borrow much, that’s the daily issues a working class citizen in Nigeria is thinking about which causes mental health disorder.

Let’s face the truth and stop the lies that Nigeria will ever get better, there's no signs to spot check that of Nigeria will be getting any better. Millions of signs will emerge to worsen the situation as long as this abominable entity still exists in the heart of Africa continent.
The pitiful condition of a working class Nigerian is that s/he have a plan to succeed but the system s/he is operating is against his/her plans.

How can you earn sixty thousand naira monthly and expect to grow in a society where transportation takes 30% of your salary income?. Funny right?.

How much will you save from the sixty thousand naira that will help you grow in the next three years of active service within your work force? not to talk of your feedings, house rentals, water bills, light bills, health bills, and if you have kids consider their school fees, and hey! as a civil servant you pay taxes too!.

In a working and sane society your taxes cover up for your water bills, electricity bills and 60% of your health insurance, this makes life easier for you to survive and live in, you think less of these things and also have time to be productive for yourself and the society.

Here in the animal kingdom called Nigeria It’s a pity that millions of people will struggle for eleven years as a working class in Nigeria without achieving any meaningful thing, it’s not their fault to say, the system is anti-progress, it’s working against them.

That is why you see millions of youths fighting to leave Nigeria on daily basis, they know they can’t change the system, they know they can’t progress under the system, the best option is to leave the system. This is crystal clear to everyone in Nigeria and beyond.

Not everyone have the capability to leave the country for a better place to work and develop, those that stayed behind now have the duty to break away from the system and build a productive society that allows individual and other components growth with ease.

This is where IPOB comes in, one of the advantage of this movement is their single command and control structure, which units them under one central command, not minding where ever you are around the world.
This is a movement that strikes fear in the heart of the system whenever they hear the name - Biafra. The systems understands perfectly well that once the people comes together under one command and interest, then their game is over.

Reason they tried all they could to bring IPOB down but failed woefully. A common man has no hope to rise above poverty in The reality: You can only dream for Nigeria to work.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
Twitter Handle: @NdubuisEke07


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