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April 26, 2022

There are underground plans by the Fulani leaders across the board and some greedy Ijaw people to claim Igbo lands occupied by indeginous Igbo nationals within the coastal region of Biafraland, and all in a bid to sell the false narratives that the Igbo nationals living there don't have access to the sea.

To our dismay, so far so good, their underground plans are working as many Fulani and some Ijaw compromised elders  have been paid to post fake history online so as to disinform the general public to believe that Ijaw/Izon are the majorities within the coastal region of Biafraland whereas in all honesty the Igbo speaking people of coastal part of Biafraland are the real land owners, they are doing this daily to cajoled our people residents there so that they will be forced to deny their ancestry, lineage and heritage and say that they are not Igbo people but Ijaws/Izon.

We want to put it on record that places like Opobo is Igbo land, Andoni etc, these compromised Ijaw/Izon elders are sell out backed by the Fulani controlled Federal Government of Nigeria and they are now claiming those areas and her people as indigenous people of Ijaw and the lands there as Ijaw land. Hence the need for this public awareness before these paid criminals with their Fulani sponsors deny indigenous Igbo nationals their land and their people.

The onus lies is in our collective hands to do more in uniting the Igbos of the hinterlands and Igbos living in the coastal regions of Biafraland and open their eyes to the sinister plans of the Fulani divide and rule tactics.
We have it in authority to announce that there are sponsored Ijaw and Fulani fake  accounts on Nairaland using the platform there to disseminate such falsehood and we must rise up to counter it head on. All the Igbo unions both home and in diaspora more especially World Igbo Congress, Aka Ikenga and Ohaneze Ndigbo should be implore to do the needful.

Indieginous people of Biafra (IPOB), under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu must use her media power to educate our Ijaw and Igbo brothers living in the coastal regions not to allow the tactics of this divide, conquer and rule them which is being reintroduced by the British government through her Mission in Nigeria using the Fulani caliphate to enslave our people, this present generation of Igbos and Ijaws must work hand in hand to achieve a peaceful coexistence because history has it that we are one people and organically related  as cousins 

Indigenous People of Biafra has made it clear to everyone that when Biafra is restored, that Biafra shall be a nations state and everyone shall have hundred percent [100%] control of their or her land, and water resources. Then what is the need of denying whom you are just for the sake of peanut?. Igbos in the hintherlands and coastal regions of Biafra must rise up and oppose the  continuous adjustment and re-editing of Nigerian map to deny Igbos their indigenous lands within the coastal region.

Available report has it that Igweocha land, which was renamed after a white man called Harcourt to mean Port Harcourt have access to the sea, we are disheartened that Igbo lands are been taken away from us and handed over to the Ijaws; our riverine regions are being claimed by the Ijaw as they are being accompanied and sponsored by the Fulani Federal government of Nigeria. 
Go to Wikipedia, most Igbo coastal people history are now been replaced as Ijaws. We have to do more on Wikipedia history especially on Opobo, Bonny, Andoni and write it holistically that they are indigenous Igbo nationals, with their mother tongue as Igbo language. 

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