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29th June 2021

From Okey Sampson, Umuahia

The family of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has reacted to his arrest, warning the Federal Government to be careful in what they do with his brother.

Speaking with Daily Sun at their home in Afara Ukwu, Umuahia, Abia State, the younger brother, Prince Emmanuel Kanu who said he heard about the arrest yesterday, said the world  is  watching.

“I just heard about his arrest now (yesterday), somebody called to tell me about it, let’s watch and see how he was arrested and I know the world is watching”.

Emmanuel said he had no doubt his brother’s arrest would be for the good of IPOB and the agitation for Biafra, adding that the IPOB leader is not a  person that can be treated any how as he knows what he is doing.

“I know his will be for the good of IPOB and the agitation for Biafra; because the person they claimed to have arrested is not any other snake you can kill with any how knife. He knows himself and what he is doing.

“Whoever that is arresting him should also be careful because you don’t know what’s his own arrangement, so, let them not jubilate.

“I for one is not feeling any bad, I have no iota of fear in me about the development.

“His arrest will not in anyway jeopardize the agitation because when Jesus Christ came to the world and finished his work and left the world, the gospel of God which he brought, continued to spread to all parts of the world”.

He urged IPOB members to remain calm as things continue to unfold gradually.

Some IPOB members who spoke under anonymity said Kanu’s arrest and rearrainment would not stop the Biafran agitation.

They said they were prepared for a day like today, stressing that IPOB was not all about Nnamdi Kanu.

Ebisike, a  resident of Umuahia said Kanu’s arrest will make the Igbo to feel Donald Trump’s loss in the last American election. “If Trump had won the election, this thing couldn’t have happened, you know, internationally, the world has turned upside down.

“I keep on telling people that Britain is never the friends of the Igbo, because if they had not arrested Nnamdi Kanu, who else do you think would have?”

He sees Kanu’s arrest as a two-way thing, either it will quell the agitation for Biafra or heightens it.

A lady, Ebere who spoke on phone from Aba said she wouldn’t know what will become of IPOB and the Biafra struggle with the arrest of Kanu.

However, she was quick to add, “I know his arrest will not be the end of the struggle. But there was what the Bible said, ‘strike the Shepherd, and the flocks will scatter’. If not that Jesus Christ was divine, even when he was arrested, even Peter denied him until he came back after he resurrected after three days. But here, we are talking about ordinary human being”.

From Aba, an Aba- based lawyer, Emperor Ogbonna in a statement said “the fact is that it is very difficult most times to evade the long arms of the law.

“He (Kanu) was granted bail on some conditions and he broke the conditions of the bail. And he did not only broke the conditions of the bail, he continued doing those things that made him to be arrested and charged to court in the first place

“Maybe if he had mellowed down, his situation might have been different but continuation of the same act for which he was standing trial, amounts to an affront to the Nigerian stat

“I know he is a British citizen and subject to British protection but I do not know the condition of which he was arrested and removed from Britain.

“We are in for a long ride this time. I also think that the government should try to address some of the grievances of some people in the South East and know whether both the government and the some people in the South East who think that the South East is being marginalized can arrive at a middle course so that there can be harmony between the federal government and some aggrieved persons in the South East.

Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro, Secretary-General of Uche Okwukwu led faction of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide in a statement yesterday described the re-arrest of Nnamdi Kanu the leader of IPOB as the beginning of the end of violent agitations in southeastern Nigeria and a lesson to others

According to him, “deviation from the nonviolent agitations and wasting of the innocent blood of the Igbo youths contradicted what Igbos are known for, and self-determination should not be used for purposes of fortune and fame-seeking.

“Nnamdi Kanu’s refusal to adhere to the advice of Igbo leaders, Elders, and Political leaders is the outcome of what had befallen him.

“Federal Government should handle the situation carefully because his large followers of IPOB wouldn’t resort to violent revolts, his trial should be strictly based on the laws of the land, they shouldn’t kill him because it will destabilize the entire country.”

When Daily Sun visited Afara Ukwu, the country home of the arrested IPOB leader, people were seen in small groups discussing the development.

Elsewhere in Umuahia, the atmosphere was calm as people moved about their daily businesses with many expressing surprise at the development.

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