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By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter | June 28, 2020

Some of the world's major religion symbol
Religion is among the principle conscientiousness one committed to worship to the level of reasoning devotion, in most cases determines being either control by monks and nuns of supernatural beliefs. Depending on group or individual differences and perception of religion beliefs, it also enslaves. Religious beliefs when practice appropriately to strife or combat obsolete challenges likewise, enslavement of religion entangles when inebriate stupefy without no application of common reasoning to question insignificant contravention of some deities with law of nature.

Any religious beliefs or deity that contravenes the moral principles of nature is inconsistent with the creator of heaven and earth, the Supreme being. The law nature is the law of God, Holy Bible made it clear that through his spoken words creations, creatures, nature comes into existence. The law of nature is the law of truth and fairness, it goes beyond carnal comprehension. Irrespective of denomination or religious faction one belongs, only one true Supreme being in heavenly places supersedes every other mythology religion miraculous possesses god or goddess. From time immemorial before European slave trade adventure in Africa, Biafra region anchored her believe to only but one indivisible God, the Supreme Being, with no history of religious rascality, conquest or war.

Biafra religiously enjoys peaceful and serene atmosphere. Religion is a beautify divinity believe, it enhances regulations of moral behavior to do what is right at all cost, and by so doing, it draws one closer to God for doing his will. In Biafra, freedom of religion is a regular inalienable right but anchored by the ten commandments, the same way Jewish religion encompasses their mother tradition as a way of life which works in line with God’s principles of creature that makes Israelis proud Jewish, the same way Biafra represents God’s manifestation on earth, its guiding laws, shining light upon Africa continent and emancipation of mental slavery.

The cultivation of Biafra value system, norms and religious beliefs is apparently God’s conditioned will to mankind. Expedient of religious intolerance by the Nigerian government to curtail Islamic extremism, dehumanization against Christian faith has gone unchecked with the government backing Isalmic terrorism on other faiths. Biafra all throughout history enjoyed calmness, peacefulness without any form of religious interference, and or illegal atmospheric distortion of mythology. Biafra has a well organized systematic collection of myths and its study always believed to be just, fair and decent. Unlike, Nigeria semi theocratic system where Fulani controlled Islamic terrorists extremism hide in guise of religion claimed to have directed by Allah to kill, maim and forcefully convert people with contrary views to perpetrate evil.

It is immorally absurd to spill the blood of innocent people in the guise of religion for whatever reason, neither do it seem morally right nor ideological perfect to carry out carnage against one considered as an infidel. Biafra is a nation ordained to emancipate the black race from entangled mental slavery and savage theocrat criminality from unscrupulous elements. Biafra is a priority, must be first considered more important before religion itself, why because without existence of Biafra, religion won’t be practice in a vacuum of oblivion of space.

According to Karl Marx, he was quoted to have said “religion is the opium of the masses". In that case, in absence of religious regulation and stringent lay down peoples oriented design constitution, religious intoxication becomes a panacea of self enslavement to reasoning logically.

Biafra of course, shall be a secular state with rooted holistic fairness other than theocratic corrupt systematic version of any religion. As earlier proclaimed, Biafra is our religion, as nature was created by his spoken words, so had Chukwu Okike Abiama proclaimed that his people are called by his name, it simply amplifies to the names Biafrans bear that glorify him, that extol Elohim, that adore Chukwu Okike Abiama, the creator of heaven and earth and giver of life, the God of Isaac, Jacob and Eri in Biafra land. The Biafran names alone signified Biafra restoration is a God’s project for manifestation of his will to be done here on earth.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07

Publisher: Chinweuba Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17



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