By Kelechi Okorie
May 6, 2019

If not that life is involved I won’t have devoted my time, energy for inconsequential and baseless utterances by unscrupulous elements scavenging here and there looking for whom to devour. After my heartfelt open letter written to Asari, where he accused IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, working for the terrorist APC Buhari’s led government on his call for election boycott in the just concluded fraudulent election that later consumed Biafrans life including her cousin sister Ibisaki Amachree, who works as INEC official during the exercise. As if I foreseen the outcome, had Asari follows my piece of advice made on the memo, the present dichotomy could have averted. All the same, once militant remains a militant quite understandable they hardly read only interested in the stipend accrue from creek securing pipelines. For that reason, I always abstain myself from anything pertaining Asari, because I’m optimistic he got it wrong in all ramifications. Even when I patiently waited so long to be convinced that IPOB, the supreme leader ordered the assassination of Prophet Anthony Nwoko, as claimed by recycling and his supporters up till date no substantial evidence was made so far to back up their mischievous accusation against IPOB and her leadership. The unconfirmed allegation was baseless to be taken seriously that was why it’s a waste of energy deliberating kindergarten argument with recycling gossipers flouting everywhere such as that of pipeline guard sympathizers.

Don’t get me wrong, nobody is happy for Anthony Nwoko’s untimely dead including IPOB, very worrisome, those ought to lead by example are the same people making a mockery of themselves with pointed fingers on something they could not expatiate beyond a reasonable doubt. Probably, their intention was to divert attention that will extract the root causes of the man’s assassination. Perhaps, one inescapable thing is Nnamdi Kanu, may be hurt for saying the truth as well stand by it but cannot be confronted with lies of any kind. Should we follow it squarely, he never made himself the leader of Biafra rather it was organically process before peoples consensus support, should Asari wishes to be one, force and irrelevant blackmail won’t be of help for him because Biafra is republican naturally, he should allow natural phenomena takes its place than uncalled online outbursts. Giving precondition to be the Head of State by Dokubo when Biafra comes according to my reliable source before mobilizing our people in his axis to queue up with IPOB is nothing but imp against the collective aspiration of Biafra people to exercise their civic responsibility to choose candidates of their choice.

Furthermore, from time immemorial criticism in any kind has never affected IPOB modus operandi negatively instead turn out to be a blessing through collective hard work and consistency champion by Nnamdi Kanu, leader of IPOB. Contrary from Nwoko’s murder accusation by Asari’s and its allies Biafra Nations Youth League, the late prophet only express his views like others roaming around the streets without neither harass nor molest hence, freedom of expression is among the leading hallmark of IPOB, everyone can easily bear me witness globally as most civilize peaceful grass root movement that on several occasions provoked by Nigeria combine Arm Forces, yet never derail from peaceful means of agitation. Disclaimer approached to join issues with phantom when their argument lacks merit and forensic evidence to withstand any rationale text of debate proves IPOB is far more beyond such unprecedented devilish act. Though, one should not be surprised on the accusation by those handlers rather only looking ways to make themselves famous through cheap blackmail by tent IPOB image black and white, human by nature is selfish, wicked and nasty according to an English philosopher Thomas Hobbes. This great thinker believes a human being is basically selfishly driven by fear of death/uncertainty instead hope for a personal interest which these desperados are not exceptional in the guise of Biafra Nations Youth League issuing a flamboyant press statement.

It gradually started like a sunset and wing from the desert IPOB intelligentsia calmly identify them at an early stage as they gather momentum to wreak havoc against the well-coordinated structures that have been paving ways for success for the family. A guard in his father’s kingdom the master guard never knew he is lower than a serf in a slave camp fighting day in day out to be free from bondage. Using BNYL to conspire against IPOB is nothing but a sign of failure to standout to defend their claimed, live interview ought to have been conducted where their faces will be known by the general public to watch how they intensively explain how IPOB and her leadership ordered prophet Nwoko to be killed with evidence. It obvious their orchestrated shenanigan only exit in DSS office and brown envelop Zoo media, their efforts to distract IPOB from diplomatic offensive is a mirage as she is making progress on daily basis to form an alliance with civilizes nations of the world and its actors.

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