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February 7,2018

A friend who has been vigorously following Biafra agitation and my column wrote me and said that No-Election stance of the people of Biafra amounts to waste of time hence there won’t be action to stop the election. He vividly narrated that unless a group takes up gun or disrupts the election by way of protest, that whatsoever boycott will be a futile exercise. I asked him why he chose to exclusively write to me without making it public or through another person; and he replied that I am the only one he knows that will fearlessly make such opinion open to the agitators. Yet, I am very certain that this opinion will raise concerns and questions but I don’t want to be cowed into silence. I have tried very much to get accustomed to the fragility of the people of Biafra who get loosed at any slight touch but to live in silence is a hard one. However; the state of many of us that have the capability to absorb opinion and positively make use of it motivated this opinion piece. We have always believed in superior argument and the idea of it prevailing at all cost will only make us perfect. Most readers have privately urged me to speak exclusive to IPOB leadership than writing opinion articles but have not tried to urge IPOB leadership to contact/consult that columnist and make him part of her decision making body (Directorate). Yet, this little world of mine is large and comfortable- so important for the mission. Also; as an independent journalist, I have no link to reaching IPOB leadership on private basis- I am just a columnist that gets to everyone through my column. Meanwhile, at the conclusion of the massively boycotted Anambra state election; I decided to study the cons and pros of the boycott. That is what makes a reasonable man; you don’t go home and rejoice at the end of an objective, you score your adventure and learn what needs to be learned for the next stage.

However; there is no amount or rate of compliance on election boycott that will affect the outcome of election in Biafra land hence the government will conspire and come up with figures and consensus candidate as always- whom the election shall be rigged in his favor
to discredit effective election boycott. Election boycott can only be effective when there is action to stop election in Biafra land and if election boycott must stand then willing Biafra citizens must practically stop any election from happening in Biafra land. I have always criticized the idea of being lawful in a lawless country like Nigeria and applying strategies only law can affirm or fertilize. The effect of election boycott can only be felt when opponents challenge the outcome in a court of law, but when they agree by compromise, the boycott is neutralized. Illustratively; Anambra state election boycott by IPOB affected the election that no candidate reached the constitutional percentage of registered voters for a winner to emerge and instead of challenge it in the court, but all kept quiet to avoid giving IPOB election boycott the ingredient to be effective. On November 18th 2017, I followed Anambra state election with a reliable source within the government and was privileged to have information and everything that transpired. Anambra state election was massively boycotted but politicians came together to make sure that IPOB boycott was discredited and they achieved that aim. The conspiracy against the boycott ensured that nobody challenged the result that did not reach constitutional percentage in the court and also for the first time, a candidate won the whole local government which gives credence to pre-arranged rigging. Ballot papers were thumb printed in Delta state and transported back to Anambra state and Nigerian news syndicates were empowered to conspire against the boycott and in the end, result emerged and a winner emerged, figures bloated and everything concealed by compromised media. The conspiracy brought harmony among the political parties to ensure that election boycott by IPOB was discredited.

IPOB did her job and the entire Biafrans in Anambra state adhered to the boycott order while politicians in the state voted. It was a clear sign of attitude change; indicating that the people are ready to embrace the future and end political slavery. But the few politicians that voted did their counter job- rigging and conspiracy very well that at the end of the day, figures were bloated after they thumb printed voting sheet. The reality remains that election was massively boycotted but politicians massively conspired and a winner emerged without questions.

To digest the message of this column; take time and study the cons and pros of Anambra state election boycott where more than 80% of Anambra people boycotted the election under the command of Indigenous People of Biafra and yet due to that the election held, the government took time to video few voters and bloated figures on the basis that election was held. Only by practically stopping the election shall election boycott yield desired result

Authored by Ifeanyi Chijioke
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