By Ifeanyi Chijioke | Writes for TBP
February 10, 2017

Recorded killings of Biafrans by the Nigerian State led by Dictator; Muhamadu Buhari
I must confess that I do not know where EU under your leadership stands; to keep mum while human right is abused and trampled upon in Biafra or to ensure peaceful resolution of the matter that is likely to snowball into full blown crisis. The People of Biafra have tasted genocide in 1967, tasting another one this period is devastating and humanity in Biafra deserves more than silence or negligence. This sustained massacre in Biafra that has become a culture must be addressed and EU having declared that referendum than armed exit is their position must ensure that referendum is conducted as quickly as possible to avoid further massacre. If it would take inviting IPOB to discuss modalities; let it happen and bring an end to this ongoing genocide.

Since 21st January 2016 till date; massacre and more violations of human rights of Biafrans have been recorded.  2/9/2016 Aba Massacre, 5/30/2016 Nkpor Heroes’ Day massacre, 1/20/2017 Trump Solidarity Rally massacre and other major massacre that had taken place and nothing has been done. It is on record that EU never released any statement of condemnation as the advocate of peace which Biafra accepted massively. This amounts to bringing the people of the world in the middle of the sea and leaving them to drown. I solemnly urge EU to step up arrangements for referendum as that is the only way to stopping the multiple killings going on in Biafra. EU has waded into the matter and it would be noble to see to the peaceful resolution of the one sided bloody agitation going on in Biafra.

As your critic; I solely put it to you, Mrs Federica Mogherini that you are implicated in the various massacre of Biafrans that can be classified under genocide. Hence this letter discloses without doubt your inabilities, negligence and questions your 90days referendum ‘reply’ integrity. I also wish to unequivocally state that I put it to you as a journalist and a critic of your policies in African, Biafra to be precise. After clear assessment of the mainstream or burning issue in the world which is Biafra; I arrived at the conclusion to sending this letter that history may take note of your implications.

Had the people of Biafra not followed your response and picked up arms in self defense; they would not face the indiscriminate massacre going on now in Biafra. Had they neglected your response; they would not be intimidated and their rights violated, rather it would have been equal confrontation. They followed your response and abided by everything you stood for but never had their back watched by you. Nigerian government ensured military action against peaceful and lawful Biafrans and nothing has come from you, not even ‘disapproval’. These form basis of the accusation of implication which you cannot rightfully deny.

As you rightly know; it does not essentially take one to pull the trigger to kill or supply arms to abet murder; whatsoever becomes of this argument, you cannot deny that you brought innocent children of Africa in the middle of the sea and left them to drown. EU was largely looked upon as a union of authority; hence the case of Indigenous People of Biafra was brought to you to be heard or addressed. This simply shows that no matter the challenges facing EU; it still plays crucial role as world leading union.

This letter is borne out of passion and emotion exuding from the heart of a wounded soul; under your leadership, EU must maintain its credibility, justice, integrity and respect to human rights. You set out to meet Donald Trump who is an advocate of self-determination; what you failed to substantiate because you couldn’t show more than words that human rights is your priority. I can understand that EU is facing a lot of challenges and you might be too busy to recall your positions in the past.

I addressed a letter on behalf of Nnamdi Kanu to this union (EU) prior to Muhammadu Buhari’s invitation to address the noble parliament you lead; OEAS then addressed another letter urging your response to the letter addressed on behalf of Nnamdi Kanu. On 21st January 2016; you kindly responded the both letters which was floated by many news syndicates. You can confirm your repose here; EU Calls For Biafra Referendum Within 90 Days; in the response; EU practically noted that self determination shall be addressed respecting international laws. One year later; the integrity of EU is questioned, nothing has been addressed as assured and this slightly threw me into oblivion. I would not think of fraudulent response; I would always say to myself that EU is a respectable union.

My case did not stop there but contained in your response was a directive that Indigenous People of Biafra must ensure bother change is done with respect to international laws. You admonished peaceful change of bother and urged Biafrans to follow every peaceful step leading to a referendum. Upon this response; Indigenous People of Biafra buried every thought of self-defense that could likely snowball into violence. They come out peacefully on daily basis to do as you urged before the intervention of this esteemed union. They applied everything you directed in that very response and waiting for your own end of the bargain but to no avail.

However; since this response came up, the people of Biafra have faced a fresh massacre and the rights of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra still violated and disregarded. He is still unlawfully detained while the Nigerian court is determined to deny him fair hearing through approval of secret trial. The violence against the people of Biafra has increased and highly unchecked that I began to ask where is the world or authorities that protect human rights.  Your response gave the morale to peacefully go about activities aimed at pressuring or bringing about referendum as you stated. Above all; your benchmark in the speech was that human rights is the priority of EU and in questioning the integrity of EU, I challenge what has been done to curb violation of human rights since your public position via the response.

EU is again showing signs of failure in addressing the one-sided bloody agitation going on in Biafra while agitators are not showing the signs of backing out. This implies that bloodshed will continue to be the order of the day until there is a compulsion which EU has ability to do. It is the primary responsibility of EU to ensure human right is protected without boundaries and that forms the basis of the establishment. Referendum is due as the 90 days ‘reply’ has gone; let EU call Indigenous People of Biafra to a round table and discuss modalities for referendum.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Chinwe could be reached via;
Twitter: @ckorie17


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