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February 02, 2017

Ralph Uwazurike; Ex criminal MASSOB leader (now BIM Leader)
Mike Eto was a regional director of security under MASSOB and he was answerable to Uwazurike; MASSOB Onitsha region was able to confirm the death of their director of security whose corpse could not be found up till this day. They also confirmed that Mike Eto died in Uwazurike’s compound; when he honored his invitation to come and drive away National Security Guard protecting him which he- Uwazurike claimed was insubordinate to him. Nobody knew it was a conspiracy to kill Eto until the deed was done. Our source said “You great MASSOBians; don’t only go away from Uwazurike, turn around and look into Uwazurike’s eyes and ask him what happened to Mike Eto. We must not allow him to go away with everything; we buried Agidi but where is the corpse of Mike Eto who was murdered in Uwazurike’s compound. Turn around and ask him where is the corpse of Mike Eze .C.

According to a dossier exclusively obtained by Biafra Reporters; the account of how Lebeanya Ralph Uwazurike, the expelled leader of MASSOB who now manage BIM as a standard against Biafra restoration killed Mike Eze .C- popularly known as Mike Eto has surfaced. The in-depth account stated clearly the motive of his murder and how the plan was hatched by Uwazurike.

In the previous dossier released which disclosed how Uwazurike signed agreement which activated his release from detention- to ensure that agitation for Biafra does not come to fruition but instead transform MASSOB into a political movement to fight for political interest and not sought the exit of Biafra. The charge against Uwazurike that was suspended by Nigerian government is the leverage against him. The report clearly stated that once Uwazurike go against the agreement or fight Nigerian establishment, his case will be reopened and he would be imprisoned because the government has witnesses and evidences against him.

The murder of Mike Eto is nothing short of what Uwazurike agreed with the Nigerian government to destroy any serious freedom fighter or provide intelligence that would lead to his kidnap. The murder of MASSOBians according to the exclusive dossier is serial and often the people that oppose him or sincerely work for Biafra are victims. Either they are murdered by Nigerian police force via conspiracy with Uwazurike or he devices a way to terminate them.

This report stated that Mike Eto is a diehard Biafra activist who would rather choose his death than live a Nigerian. He is strong and capable of anything Biafra needs when it comes to strength but due to his desire to work solely for Biafra restoration, he was murdered in a conspiracy by Uwazurike, his crime was that Uwazurike perceived him as someone that would obstruct his business and question his commitment to Biafra restoration. The confessional reports states-

“Mike Eto was my director of security; he was a strong willed Biafran who can go alone anywhere you want and fight for Biafra. We were very close because everything he does, he always let me know and I give critical assessment of it. Mike Eto would not listen to me because he thought Uwazurike has his kind of heart towards Biafra restoration. I was quick to find out what was going on but Mike Eto would always tell me to hold on. His problem was his trust; he trusted Uwazurike so much and that was why Uwazurike could kill him.

I was already forming a faction because Uwazurike betrayed the struggle; I saw this before anyone could see it. I was in Europe all my life and when I came back home; I felt it is my destiny to fight for Biafra restoration. I was divinely called to help restore Biafra so everything Uwazurike did was an eyesore; it did not take me one second to follow Nnamdi Kanu because he is the man God brought for us the people of Biafra.

When Uwazurike found out that Mike Eto is focused and going beyond his script of fake agitation; he also found out that he cannot conspire with the Nigerian security agents to kill him or imprison him because I was close to him, he comes to me and I see before he goes anywhere, he decided to play wiser and Mike Eto fell to his antics.

It all started when Uwazurike contacted Mike Eto and told him that he has a serious problem- that his boys (MASSOB National Security Guard) are no longer loyal to him. He told Mike that they don’t allow him to go inside the Freedom House, that he wants the boys to be taken away (Eliminated or pursued away for new guards). Mike Eto succumbed to that trick and agreed to help Uwazurike fix his boys but Mike Eto never knew it was a conspiracy to eliminate him and his loyalists.

Uwazurike released One Million Naira to Mike Eto and told him to organize his trusted boys and also use the money to arrange the arms he needed for the strike. I was called to join but I decided not to because I was disinclined to everything about Uwazurike and Mike did not clearly inform me before he embacked on the trip. Mike arranged his trusted boys and they embarked on that trip.

Mr Vincent Ilo MASSOB Director of Onitsha North was who assisted Uwazurike in perfecting the murder of Mike Eto and Agidi. Mike used the One Million Naira Uwazurike gave him and mobilized. Vincent Ilo took Mike and co to Owerri and along the way; he left them when they went to buy fuel and started coming back to Onitsha. After waiting for him; Mike decided to continue without him but not knowing he has sold them out; when Mike and his boys got to Okwe, they were killed. The information Uwazurike circulated to us was that the boys Mike came to fight killed him. When we saw Vincent Ilo in Onitsha that same day; we began to press further and found out what happened. Uwazurike in reaction; quickly transferred Vincent Ilo to Ihiala to open another branch because in Onitsha, angry boys will kill him for betrayal but in Ihiala, nobody knows what he did and he can continue there.

The most annoying thing was that nobody saw the corpse of Mike Eto; Uwazurike seized his corpse and every day, his spirit continues to disturb me and telling me that his heart was used for magic. He said his soul will never rest until he sees Uwazurike on the ground and Uwazurike must die. The news circulated was that Mike Eto was overpowered by the boys but all those was framed by Uwazurike. Uwazurike planned the murder of Mike Eto and perfectly executed it.”

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