Re:  Policy Suggestions
A Bill For An Act Entitled: Foreign Assistance Act of 2016 Mandatory Equal Distribution Of Funds Allocated by United States Aid to Foreign Countries

A Bill For An Act Entitled: Anti-Retaliation Referendum Enforcement Security Provisions Indigenous Populations Attempting To Self Determine

Dear Mr. Trump:

I believe you will be our future President and will in fact make our Country great again.  To the extent that you can do anything now before you formally step into office we are pleading with you with your influence. One of the things that has made our country great is assistance to individuals conducting themselves civilly and legally that have played by the rules when immigrating to this Country.  This Country is also known for being the largest donor and for its compassion to the endless suffering of the World.   

Nonetheless, not all people view migration as a solution to their predicament; some are seeking self determination right where they are.  The solution to some of the immigration problem is to assist people wanting to improve right where they are as opposed to a change of scenery in the United States wherein.  This is the situation concerning the Indigenous People of Biafra and the Indigenous People of Ambazonia.  These people simply want their own country back after reannexation in 1970 and release from the Fiefdom.  The problem that they face is lack of enforcement of this universal right as well as retaliation for even the mere suggestion of this inalienable right.  Under the present conditions, they will be forced to seek asylum or exile elsewhere if the referendums are not scheduled.

Biafra declared independence in 2007 through Organization for Emerging African States, an intergovernmental agency (“OEAS”) founded by Dr. Ebenzer Akwanga, a former political prisoner tortured for seven years in the Country of Cameroon.  Dr. Jonathan Levy, an attorney and Ph.d. of OEAS moved for referendum within parameter of 90 days in 2015.  The European Union responded that referendum was to be scheduled.  The date came and went, Nigeria, a member of the United Nations simply ignored the mandate, rather instituted draconian measures on young protesters silencing them by assassination.  How is Nigeria to come to the table of the civilized world in United Nations meetings while remaining primitive in its actions?  Masquerading as fighting corruption while instituting tyranny?

The western media is biased as you know during this Presidential Campaign and has suppressed all coverage of the multiple, gruesome deaths of these Biafrans that have ensued as a result of seeking referendum.  The treatment as if they are subhuman that they have no right to escape bondage and oppression. 
Nigeria is at war only with its own `the war within no planes condone planes destroy their own people.  Likewise the Country of Cameroon.  I have enclosed brochures. Heroes Day missing murdered documented.  70 people confirmed dead intruded in their homes.  This does not include the missing presumed dead. 

Decent African and African American Citizens support you Donald Trump such as Dr. Clifford  Chukwuemeka Iroanya here in the United States of the Indigenous People of Biafra (“IPOB”) and many other Biafrans and Ambazonians that want to see foreign policy revisited.  Dr. Clifford Iroanya is astute, bright and would very much like to meet with you.  We all consider you President elect right now and that you will in fact make America great again.  We do not necessarily need more population here and this is a solution to the problem to get actively involved abroad when communities are trying to self determine.  We are the largest donor of aid in the World and therefore can determine the conditions for that aid such as equally distributed as well as consequences for retaliation on populations seeking to self determine.   This is the 21st Century and people should not have to be tethered to masters. 

Nigeria as you are familiar with engages in corruption from the top down.  There are no trials by jury in Nigeria: the Judge, or in this case the President is the Judge, Jury and Executioner.  The leader of IPOB Worldwide movement is Dr. Nnamdi Kanu of Isiama-Afaraukwu Umuahia-Ibeku. He is the son of His Royal Majesty Eze Sir I. O. Kanu,  the Egwu Ukwu of Afaraukwu.  Nnamdi Kanu's mother's name is: Ugoeze Nnenna Sally Kanu.  This man is a dignified man that established Radio Biafra London in another Country, United Kingdom and broadcast programmes.  This is not a crime to engage in media and communications.  This is the reasoning that he is on trial for this charge and for possessing dual citizenship. 

To date, no trial has been conducted for Dr. Kanu and his two associates: David Nwawusi and Benjamin Madubugwu.  What has transpired is an endless sea of postponements for the trial, assassination attempt uptick on Dr. Kanu’s life within the past two weeks and ethnic cleansing of the Biafran people since 2015.  Amnesty International , Human Rights Watch and the main stream media has documented Boko Haram , an endless loop about 200 chibok girls but suppressed Biafra genocide occurring now.  You are no stranger to the biased media.  The Christians, Jews in Southern Nigeria deaths are not covered rather only muslim deaths in the North. 

President Buhari is not fighting corruption but fostering corruption and marginalization.  This is straight from the horse’s mouth.  I am aware that I am preaching to the choir for you are all too familiar with these facts.  This administration is attempting to provide war planes to Nigeria for ostensibly use on terrorists.  The terrorists that President Buhari deems an infestation are residents in Nigeria that have opposing political and religion viewpoints.  Dissidents that are from a different ethnic cultural heritage that are deemed unworthy in his eyes.  President Buhari tips his hand and holds true to his word in this video.  USAid contributes massive amounts to Nigeria for the past several years under the vague and ambiguous category of “Health.” There does not appear to be conditions, benchmarks or progress with this funding.  Who does this?  Not a businessman like you.  If a business is not returning investments, money is not continually thrown towards.  President Trump revamp I know you will revisit US aid to countries that enslave abuse domestic terror their own people, corruption as this is a threat to our borders and our security.  Will you revisit and investigate countries wherein large sums of US Aid are provided?  The Leahy Law prohibits weapons to be provided to Countries that engage in human rights abuses. 

Buhari rather than solving economical problems has waged an anti pollution campaign oppressing already starving dying people fining, harassing under war against indiscipline causing citizens to turn on each other Gestapo fashion fining, imprisoning.  The Niger Delta area is saturated with oil spills toxic fumes flooding and he is expecting the citizens there to clean this up by themselves how?

The people are dying running on empty and Buhari is asking them to be patient in the face of famine.  The budget contained no social services whatsoever.  Buhari stated on camera that he was going to treat the areas that did not vote for him differently.  Aid is being withheld from these areas.  What kind of leader does this?  Imagine if here in the United States unemployment benefits withheld from certain states.

Buhari claims that Nigeria is broke in one breath; and in the next breath is seeking to purchase U.S. war planes to strike individuals in the South and obtain mass casualties.  Buhari was instrumental in the first Biafra war responsible for the deaths of many children in 1967-1970 20th Century.  In the 21st Century, Buhari is attempting to wipe out the entire young generation targeting protesters and those attending Heroes’ Day celebration their culture. 

I cannot state it enough the modifications to foreign policy encompassing transparency and benchmarks for countries that we are providing aid to and continual progress reports.  If we are giving money blindly to people that are abusing their citizens we are facilitating and enabling this abuse.  As you stated, we are not going to give money to Countries that hate us this likewise is logical.  I am speaking to thousands of people daily in Africa in which you are theirs and ours the American People’s only hope.  When I reviewed the USAid staggering amounts provided to Nigeria and Cameroon nominal is allocated for democracy under this democratic Obama administration.  We claim to care so much about democracy and human rights in other countries but that is the least amount we contribute to for the past several years.

Please intervene and assist with lobbying political pressure efforts for Dr. Nnamdi Kanu release and the scheduling of Biafra, Ambazonia Referendums.  Dr. Akwanga was awarded judgment for torture by Cameroon government which has never been enforced.  These corrupt governments cannot be allowed to engage in domestic terrorism with USAid funding.  We believe you will help cleanse the thieves at the top in Africa that are tormenting the masses.  I will be voting for you early by mail. 


Mary H. Bernstein
510 938 6280


Mr. Doug Collins
Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission

Mr. Tom Marino
Vice Chairman
Committee on Foreign Affairs
Vice-Chairman, Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, and Emerging Threats

Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations


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