On Monday morning at about 9:30am, a group of militants ambushed and attacked a Nigerian military checkpoint of the Joint Task Force (JTF), Operation Delta Safe (ODS), in Nembe city, Nembe Local Government Area, Bayelsa State, killing three soldiers and carting away gunboats and ammunitions belonging to the military reports have it that the gunmen disguised in white robes as mourners and unexpectedly ambushed the military men who were on duty, killing 3 soldiers and many others wounded in an unexpected attack, 2 gunboats and other ammunitions were also carried away by the militants after the JTF team fled for safety, only to return moments later after calling for back up.

Hours later, the area became a war zone as the Nigerian military launched a crackdown and bombardment of the riverine area in a bid to flush out the militants, right now a gun battle is currently going on between the militants and the military, five military gunships have been shot down by the militants, several soldiers reportedly dead and many wounded, fighter jets and apache helicopter have been spotted in the region as the Nigerian military unleashing full force on the militants

Residents of the area, are seen fleeing the area, running for safety as the heavy sounds of gunshots roar the community in a bloody clash that has engulfed the community for hours
Spokesman of the Nigerian (Joint Task Force) JTF in the region, Lt Col. Olaolu Daudu, was not available for comments as at the time of this report.

More updates on this report coming soon

P. U. Collins

Reporting For IPOB writers



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