By: Elyn Barata Davila
September 29, 2016

As: Chisom Ifeoma Ada  Biafra;

Just recently,  the zoo paedophile Buhari said that he want to sell government's asset and he wants to start selling those that are in BIAFRA LANDS.

This program he made to accept that he cannot anymore own Biafra, so he wants to steal  Biafra treasures before it GONE TOTALLY. 

Mr Zoo President if you are serious about sales to government asset, you start and focus selling those that are from the NORTH.... Because BIAFRA lands are not anymore  NIGERIA  for the best of your knowledge to know we are now in hundred miles away from your ZOO, you cannot do anything for we will defend everything that belongs to us BIAFRANS.

We will defend  ALL. We Biafrans are determined people to protect what is ours: From PEOPLE, LIVES, INTEGRITY, and PROPERTIES  PURULENCE OF BIAFRA!!!!

No one can be sold a living lion against its will.  Mr Zoo president if there is still care for yourself that remains within you, for you..., it must be "respect" to your vanishing integrity, and leave 

BIAFRA  and all that are in it ALONE as a WHOLE!...

We the Biafrans are NOT FREEDOM BEGGARS!!! We know how to fight and get what WE WANT. And this for the very reason that WE ARE "BIAFRANS"...WE ARE NOT NIGERIANS.!!!

Totally you and your universal culprits even Britain cannot anymore touches our lands WE WILL PREVENT AND DEFEND OUR BIAFRA LAND!!! from all your evil claws to take every substance of our land. We stand for BIAFRA or DEATH alone.

And that position of us will go beyond  LIVES AND PROPERTIES TO DEFEND!!!

Miss.Elyn Barata Davila writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters


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