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Nigerian government has been under intense scrutiny for her inability to legally and diplomatically handle Biafra agitation that has become a mains stream political discussion in Nigeria. Since the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu till date, Biafra agitation that was viewed as minor issue broke into a major issue that people all over the world today know or either discuss. This was attributed to the arrest and continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu; while the government has failed to tidy up the mess by releasing Nnamdi Kanu; the polity is heating up every day.

However, the corrupt handling of Nnamdi Kanu’s trial by Justice John Tsoho destroyed the image of Nigerian Judiciary on the international stage with strangers and international activists questioning his commitment to justice. His own personality has not been spared as there is a desperate call for his sack. Mary Bernsteing, an international activist from USA who once wrote a letter to Justice Tsoho where she made open his corrupt practices and accused him of destroying the image of Nigeria on the international stage has once again said that John Tsoho’s sack and fair judgment by the new judge could redeem Nigerian’s image.

It took the world by surprise that a peaceful and lawful agitator could be imprisoned in a democratic system of government; while it is hard for Nigeria to interpret self-determination charter or adjudicate the matter; the Judiciary of Nigeria has been undermined. In some quarters, it is believe that the Judiciary has lost the independence that could have brought about justice. Buhari has seized that arm of government and now made it a puppet in his hand.

Mary Bernstein in this interview discussed ways to redeem Nigerian Judiciary and citing that Nnamdi Kanu’s case will make or mar the arm. She urged the new judge to correct the failings of Justice John Tsoho to redeem the destroyed image of Nigeria and her Judiciary.

You recently wrote a letter to the Judge presiding over Nnamdi Kanu’ case and after that he resigned; how do you feel?

I feel satisfied that this made an impact and that this Judge recused himself. Nnamdi's legal team put forth much effort peremptory challenge and to change the judge. The vagueness, ambiguous double speak of his decisions gave the impression of impropriety. We, collectively have been conducting rituals in the spiritual realm as well as various activities in the material realm that are coming to fruition. The spiritual realm controls the physical realm.

How much do you think the Judge had destroyed himself and Nigerian Judiciary on the international stage?

Because this is such a high profile case jurists must assume that they will be scrutinized much more than in the normal situations. The media spotlight surveys and reports on every aspect. The World already has the impression that Nigeria is a corrupt political facet but they were not aware until this matter that the corruption has spread to all components of society.

This was confirmed by the handling of this matter. Let us recall the veiled phantom witnesses that were to testify, the lack of bail granting, a sluggish as opposed to speedy trial handling and so on. The Judge checking his legal expertise and soul at the door to do the President bidding on a matter.

The prospective business investors observe that there are no legal remedies available. The prospective tourists see that there is no protection as there is no prosecution of crimes.

This transfers and projects to many different levels exponentially. The President's daughter recently cheered the deaths of Christians unwilling to convert to a faith that they are indifferent to Islam; the President and one of his many harem wives Aisha airing publicly dirty laundry differences also destroys any credibility. This lack of decorum is appalling. Nnamdi Kanu, a refined London citizen has exuded class and civility during this entire episodic comedy as opposed to all of these other characters.

You have been relentless in your humanitarian; what are your ups and downs?

The Biafrans have really been relentless and in turn have inspired me. I am a passionate, emotional person and it is difficult for me to relax, enjoy myself when I am aware of the colossal sufferings of others. The Facebook censorship debacle and constant requirements for workarounds is annoying.

What have you achieved so far as an international activist for Biafra?

Ritualistically I think myself and the collective groups have shaken things quite well. I cannot claim responsibility solely. It is the machine of the human spirit behind this mechanism. It is the push back. We are seeing materialize after rituals conspicuous results. It is unprecedented what we have seen as a result of the spiritual workings. There is more at play being put in motion at this moment.

As an international activist in the physical realm, I have reached out to many politicians. I believe that all of these communications through the year have culminated in an awareness level. U.S. Congressional members are beginning to intervene.

This is one year Nnamdi Kanu, a prisoner of conscience has been in detention. Who do you think is responsible?

I do not fully understand or am aware of the origin of his arrest. Whether or not that is that the Nigerian Government ambushed him or if he was set up by a Judas within the organization. I do not know all of the nuances of what occurred. Therefore, I do not know who is responsible initially. As for who is culpable at this juncture: President Buhari, the judiciary, the international community for not placing political pressure.

How much do you get frustrated that world leaders allow such thing in 21st century, without compelling Buhari to respect human rights

This is unprecedented in my opinion the apathy that we are witnessing. World Leaders are not to be potted plants, a motley crew but to look out for the welfare of their citizens as well as for other citizens that are abused in other countries. This is the purpose for these erected human rights organizations, the very essence for United Nations and so forth. Merely defining Nigeria as a human rights abuser is not enough. Consequences must be introduced otherwise what incentive is there for these predators to cease and desist from such atrocious behaviors. I watched the terrifying video in which President Elect Donald Trump appear, (Click here to watch)
published by Death of Nations “With Open Gates: The forced collective Suicide of European Nations.” The lawlessness in this New World Order is crazy. Alex Jones in this video (Watch video) concerning Obama preparing for war with Russia gives credit to the African people that understand what is occurring.

Referendum has not been sanctioned; Nnamdi Kanu has not been released in one year; what are your personal plans to achieve that for Biafrans?

I am going to continue what I am doing and complete what I have started. My part is to do my assignment, tasks in the mechanism of achievement of Biafra. This includes constant rituals, intercession and contacting various agencies.

You donated 150 dollars to Biafran victim who was shot by Nigerian government; you also invest to make Biafra a reality; what drives you lately?

I do not like to give up and this is something that I have become involved in championing for the oppressed people. This is cathartic for me, we ebb and flow together all of the facets of the movement, divine timings gilded by the spirit realm. I have my peaks and valleys of course but I am driven because of the urgency.

If you are told to tell brief history of Nigeria, what do you know about that country?

My understanding is that neighboring regions were slammed together for whatever reasons in Africa. Personally it makes no sense to me why this forced assimilation occurred. What I know about Nigeria from my brief acquaintance over the past 1 and a half years is that every aspect of it is corrupt. The corrupt judiciary, the dead babies thrown away by their mothers in drains, the ritualistic murders, the ethnic cleansings, the starvation of five geo political zones, the intensifying oppression with pollution campaign war on indiscipline, the children denied school, the lawlessness – all negative aspects.

Will sacking Tsoho redeem the image of Nigerian Judiciary he destroyed on international stage?

There is a saying you cannot unring a bell. If you cast feathers in the wind you cannot retrieve them. Judge Tsoho appears to be one of many. This was a high profile case and it certainly conveyed that nothing is sacred in Nigeria not even the judiciary. Justice is for sale. I am pleased that he recued himself but it is up to the next Judge to attempt to redeem in the international forum by handling swiftly and fairly.

And do you rate him a corrupt Judge?

I do indeed. I cannot finger him for accepting a money or personal gain because I am not certain if that is the circumstance. The motive is certainly there to do the bidding of higher ups because I understand he threw his hat in the ring for Chief Justice or something of this nature. Even if he rendered the decisions he did based on intimidation by the President, Executive Branch that is still corrupt because the institution of justice has been compromised. Change and debase were made, altered errorneous decisions based on factors other than the facts which is corrupt and wrong. This undermines the entire judicial proceeding process of innocent until proven guilty. Why bother having the bench trial to misrepresent and mislead that there is a process occurring as opposed to executive decision. The multiple judges that were recently imprisoned, interrogated may now have some compassion for the laity. These jurists may now ideally be empathetic to those that are abducted left bewildered such as Nnamdi languishing silently forgotten souls by the judiciary. This is the change that needs to occur beginning with the Kings and Queens. The lawmakers need to no longer subscribe to the philosophy of hypocrisy.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke - The Biafra Post
Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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