By Ifeanyi Chijioke
October 17, 2016

Where is my friend Churchill Okonkwo, I have not heard from him for a long time? I want to hear that thoughtless man that reasons like a wayward girl deflowered by Northern oligarchy. Yes, I saw the other prostitute, Joe Igbokwe, he was ranting on his platform, and I am desperate to shut them up forever; looks like they have been sealed? Anyway, they can do more by listening to Soludo if they won’t listen to me. They can never talk where words are desperately needed, hopeless sons of a dog and reincarnated sheep. Now Northern States arrested Nigerian Judges, they hide under the table but when Biafra seeks to cast away cowardice and slavery; they come jumping like Monkeys in dire need of banana and ranting like mad parrots.
I am forced by circumstance to ask these two bastards, now Northern States Judiciary arrested Nigerian Judges; won’t you rather lobby for Southern Judiciary? You all on this track of one Nigeria are nothing but virgin- women entangled in the euphoria of their rape. When will these fools wake up and realize that the reason Northern oligarchy will oppose Biafra is because they have already divided Nigeria in their own way. Even Yoruba people have come to understand that only the North has the share of this contraption called Nigeria. IPOB standing firm today for the right or portion of the people Old Eastern Region, wouldn’t you rather appreciate such move with this development or do you still want to keep being a child or savouring the little you selfishly gain in the Northern-controlled Nigeria?
If all of you on the track of one Nigeria are not fools barring these two bastards that are victims of uncontrolled sexual desire that forced their various moth’r’ into adultery, then what are you with this Northern States Judiciary that arrested Nigerian Judiciary? I am really losing my cool and I want to burst open this earth and swallow this fraud called Nigeria. Before my very eyes, I am being defrauded and somebody is here telling me to be patriotic to Nigeria and the fraudsters called Nigerians.  It is high time we stopped this joke and be serious for once. It is high time Yorubas started showing they are better fraudsters, because with existence of Nigeria, a Hausa man is the better fraudster. It is even high time Biafrans started showing that determination that made them the head anywhere they are. Dismantling Nigeria is now supposed to be a collective responsibility; Nnamdi Kanu has opened our eyes, what more do we need from him?
From military to democratic era with the same military constitution and military personnel as leaders; Nigeria is nothing but the joke of the century. It is imperative to know that during the military era, Northern Nigeria overshadowed that era and were the heads of States; making decrees and decisions that favours only the North. They made Nigeria their personal estate and this was buttressed by the bench mark speech of the Northern leader who said that the rest in the contraption called Nigeria shall be seen and used as slaves. There is no gain-saying that we are truly a conquered people ruled and named by the Northern people. This is the time to call it a quit because we have taken more than required time to realize that we are slaves and supposed to emancipate our selves.
I am more irked by the fact that even the Northern Oligarchy don’t seem to hide their control of Nigeria, they openly told Nigerians that Northern States Judiciary gave a warrant for Nigerian Judges to be arrested. Breaking the doors of the Nigerian Judges and whisking them away in the dead of the night; showing more authority than the authority given by Nigerian Judiciary. I heard that Justice Ademola was also arrested for releasing Nnamdi Kanu when he was arrested by Northern Nigeria. There is nothing I won’t hear in Nigeria and for that, I won’t continue this article. I will bring it to halt to protest against the stupidity of those that still call themselves Nigerians. Nigeria to me is a slave camp of the Northern Oligarchy.

Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters 


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