Whiteman Jesus (God)
“One wicked thing about the religion they brought to us is; it abhors truth, where truth becomes blasphemy” I am very much convinced that some people might find this article offensive; but do I really care? I just want to cherish truth; I want to allow divinity and creative ability of God to control me. I have always told my close friends; when a child is born and kept off the world of religion; if he grows up, he would start to seek who created him. This is what I defined as the perfection of God, I don’t want to believe that a man from Europe could come and tell me about God, they even told me God is now three in one. If my name is Ifeanyichukwu, which means nothing is impossible for God almighty; then my forefathers knew God more than that man that bears Constantine or Green. Do you just realized I am called by the name of God and you never asked why Constantine is called by the name of a space, abstract,  flowers or anything it could be?

Allow me to thrive on truth; only truth will set us free, I have decided to emancipate myself from religious slavery. You might find it hard to flow with me, do you know why? Because truth is blasphemy to you; that your religion thrives on. ‘This is what or how it is’ if you say truth, you become a sinner; if you make use of your God given brain to reason, you have defiled that white man’s ‘God’, isn’t that what you were told? If it is not, why then will you see truth and persist that lie supersedes? I am not against any religion neither do I criticize any, but if truth be criticism; I wholly accept the blame.

I want to lay a clear foundation before I progress because this is a very sensitive piece; hundred and one percent of you will agree that Biafra came to this stage where Soludo is even agitating was as a result of miracle. But you have not asked what IPOB have been doing to command spiritual action; it is imperative to know that IPOB have been worshipping the God of our forefathers alone, I mean the God of Moses, Abraham, Isaac, David and God of the house of Israel. All praises and worship have been ascribed to his Holy name alone, we understood he is a jealous God by saying never attach any other god to Him or share His glory with it. He went further to say anywhere that god maybe, in heaven with him, on earth and even beneath the earth that we should dare not bow down to him. Was I not told that white man’s ‘god’ is in heaven and they made pictures and sculptures of Him? I hope you are not insane, how could you agree to a God the eyes have seen?

I know many of you worship the second ‘God’ called ‘Jesus’ in spite of the warning of Chukwuokikeabiama that we should not worship anybody, even though that person is sitting on His right hand while most of you even worship Holy Spirit; the third ‘God’ that made up the trinity as you were deceived. I am also aware that your ‘God’ is three in one, and they are indivisible. I wonder where this mathematics came from, that three things can be one, whose theory, isn’t the theory of the white man? I want you to know that I am not against your ‘God’, I respect your ‘God’ but I just want to cherish the truth. I am proudly writing this topic because the God we hardcore Biafrans worship has done great things for us. He has restored Biafra we thought was a history, He resurrected Biafra that died since 1970, just as he resurrected Yahoshua- the child conceived by the power of the holy spirit and He will give us Biafra for here dwelleth his kingdom.

I was pushed to this topic irrespective of the reaction that would trail it; but it is a rare thing that we have been thought to be fearless and always speak truth. If we indeed believe that Chukwuokikeabiama will restore Biafra, then we have no other option but to worship Him. If we fail to worship Him, Biafra will never come, no matter how much we strive. It is not expected that everybody shall key into my view; some people would pick offence but what is imperative is knowing who is Chukwuokikeabiama. If He will restore Biafra, then we must know Him and we must worship Him. I don’t expect everybody to be arrested by Him; if just hundred men can believe in Him; he would restore Biafra with those men. The faith of hundred men will save millions of Biafrans; that is the definition of the ‘Hundred men’ prophecy of Nnamdi Kanu.

I was following a post on Radio Biafra London, a kind of testimony, had IPOB not opened the eyes of Biafrans to know the God of our forefathers and today worship Him, what would have been the fate of Biafra? I felt good but not all good when I viewed comments; that few persons were still under the slavery of the religion the white man brought to us. I asked myself, does it mean the forefathers of these people had no religion, don’t they know their creator before the white man came? If their names are called by the name of Chukwuokikeabiama, how come they abandoned their heritage for that of strange people their names are called by flowers, stones, and all kinds of abstract things?

A white man doesn’t worship what he can’t see, with clear knowledge that Chukwuokiabiama is a supreme spirit that cannot be seen or has ever been seen; I wonder what convinced those idol worshipers that the god of a white man they know how he looks is creation Himself. They needed to deceive us, they wanted to control us and they came with religion and we were gotten but I put it to you that with IPOB, this is the time of emancipation. Chukwuokikeabiama- our God has never been seen, touched and cannot be pictured or sculptured. That picture of a man you called God, that sculpture you lift, revere and worship cannot be creation Himself.

I am yet to grasp the rationale behind believing that God almighty is a spirit that cannot be seen and yet calling the ‘Jesus’ that can be seen a God. I can’t decipher the stupidity of presenting the photo or sculpture of a Constantine family member and calling him ‘God’. I can’t decipher the rationale behind worshiping a sculpture or photo. Now they would shout and say Jesus is God, which he is three in one; and when I question can God be seen?

They say I am blasphemous; we must come back to Chukwuokikeabiam and worship him alone. We must forfeit the deceit of a white man, reject his idol, idolatry would lead us to condemnation. One would say but we shout in the name of Jesus and a sick is healed, and I tell him that even an idol worshipper shouts that and a sick gets healed. There is power in the name of every idol, all you need is worship it and it works for you but in the end, truth shall prevail.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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    Go, and sit down somewhere.
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