If you talk of corrupt Judges in Nigeria without talking about the man that overruled a ruling in the same court, on the same litigant without the consent of appellate court or higher court, then you have not started discussing corruption in Nigerian Judiciary. In absence of other corrupt practices that were recorded in the case of Nnamdi Kanu, isn’t this one enough to sack a Justice? Permit me to also bring to your knowledge that this Justice in question told a litigant who pleaded not guilty “If I release you on bail, you will commit the same crime that brought you to this court; you have not shown readiness to desist from the crime” upon this, he denied a litigant bail, he is the accuser and the judge, sadly, the wayward Justice in question is still alive in the legal arena.

Recently, Buhari secured a warrant from Northern Judiciary to arrest Nigerian Judges and when questioned, he sprang up and quoted anti-corruption war; a quote that has been the banner for his onslaught against innocent people. I have asked myself time without number, how come only enemies are corrupt while friends are holy. Breaking the doors and whisking away Judges that did not give judgment in his favour. Hunting men that strongly made up their mind never to be influenced, and defend the integrity of the Judiciary. No wonder, the Judges that were arrested have in one way or another given judgment according to facts and figures before their courts. Fake war against corruption that has made this government a laughing stock was activated to force them to be loyal to the executive. Fantastically corrupt Nigeria will forever cherish stylish corruption, in whatsoever they do; they use stylish corruption on it.

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Justice John Tsoho whose corrupt practices are visible and with punitive action able to score a point for Nigeria hence his corrupt practices were executed on the international stage by virtue of the popularity of Nnamdi Kanu whose case is on the international watch has been left untouched. In some quarters, it is believed that the corrupt practice of John Tsoho was sanctioned or forced by Buhari which has connections with his media maiden chat. The switch off for Justice Tsoho is the fantastic corruption the former leader of UK quoted. All the other Judges being hunted were as a result of standing their ground against legal corrupt practices that would favour the executive arm. Without the sack of Justice Tsoho, Nigerian Judiciary and Buhari’s anti-corruption war are nothing but a mere jamboree.

The Judiciary must stand and rid itself of corruption, whilst there is a petition against Justice John Tsoho; the Judiciary has not sufficiently reacted. Tsoho might be enjoying immunity as one that embarked on State corruption but with the affront on the Judiciary, that culminated into the unlawful and embarrassing arrest of the Judges, the Judiciary must wake up and look into Tsoho’s issue and hopefully sack him to have a breath of fresh air.

Although the issue of Tsoho might be complicated due to the backing of Buhari whom he corruptly favoured but the Judiciary must show determination to be taken any serious by the world at large.

It is very disheartening for Nigeria and I have nothing to give but pity this contraption where the men of the law are weak to the men with power. By virtue of rule of law, the Judiciary has failed to understand that there is no power greater than that they wield. Arrest of Judges without due process is a sign of lawlessness. It is very important to know that the Judiciary is an independent arm that can probe corrupt Judges, take punitive action and in most cases, the Judge is sacked which gives the law enforcement officers the window to come in for arrest. But in Nigeria, there is no law let alone rule of law; this is why corruption will linger and destroy them.

The Judiciary must stand and defend her independence; they must show power and fight to win because there is a ring before them. Sacking of Justice John Tsoho will not only redeem the image of Nigeria, it would show that Judiciary is still in control of that arm of government. But if they have lost it, then clearly there is no hope for investors whom laws cannot protect hence the executive has interest. If they fail to sack Justice John Tsoho; then it is very clear that having confidence in any Nigerian court is at your own risk because it would be a clear sign that the Judiciary has been hijacked by Buhari and Nigerian courts under his will. If after everything Justice John Tsoho did, that he faces no punitive measure which is often forceful resignation or sack, then law in Nigeria is a bigger joke than we thought.

Authored by Ifeanyi Chijioke
Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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