Mazi Nnamdi Kanu - IPOB Leader
“Unite my children from all over the world where Nigeria has scattered them under one banner, preach the gospel of restoration of Biafra to them that they know and worship only me and no other god. 2. Cleanse the land of unwise evil old men working for the enemy. 3. Then go and meet your enemies wherever you find them in my name and I will grant you victory over them. So says the Lord of Hosts Chukwu Okike Abiama." Nnamdi Kanu --July 2013

When MASSOB threatened that they would revolt against the men keeping silent and abating the continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu - the allegory of Biafra restoration. I quickly said to myself, has the time come? There is the need to understand that Biafra is no longer a dream, Biafra is a reality starring at us and we will only make atomic reaction out of it if we don’t serve the call. Nnamdi Kanu in July 2013 forecast this day and it is forth coming to pass; there are many signs to convince us that days of reckoning are near.

While this prophecy is coming to reality, other prophecies had come and gone, many are still with us, we see them happening but we still feign ignorance. Until Somalia becomes a paradise to Nigeria, Nigerians and their leaders will not address the agitation duly. Believing that Biafra will die away or wither like a tree on a hinterland in odd season is a fool’s dream. There is great hunger in Nigeria, the economy in recession just as Nnamdi Kanu said; while Naira is a tissue paper. While prophesies are saying that until Nnamdi Kanu is released, Nigeria will remain in their state of oblivion, Nigeria has failed to learn from Pharaoh.

As MASSOB is about to kick start the cleansing of the land which they termed traditional revolution against those fighting Nnamdi Kanu, the central commander of the Biafran People; I wish to share ideas because the cleansing will certainly overwhelm the people of Biafra. We might start seeing mysterious things happening in the land. This revolution must be whiter than white and whiter than snow and the men working for the enemy will go down smartly. There must be avoidance of unprofessional actions; men shall be ready to die for the freedom of our land. This is the right time to unleash the beast, the fearless beast of Biafra; the beast that would condemn the enemies of the people of God.

In pursuance of this, I wish to make it very plain and illustratively back it up, assuming Rochas Okorocha was found culpable; he must be confronted bravery; as the prophecy said that we go and meet our enemies wherever they are and with certainty of victory; we must bravery do that. This is where the beasts that are ready to die for their nation will be unleashed. This is the time the fearless soldiers of Biafra will match forward to repay the faith we have in them. If Okeke is found guilty, soldiers meet him and mob him and stay for the price. We must be ready to die for our nation if we truly need the restoration of our nation; this cleansing must be professional.

There is still chance for the old men working with the enemies to turn away from their evil ways, there is still time to embrace or take the path of the people. We cannot continue to fold our arms while the future of our land is cut short by bigotry. We must not continue to keep quiet while the land is under siege; we must not continue to say everything is alright when a man takes us for granted. We have to stand and face it or stay and be killed; we either fight and die as brave men than fold our arms and die sheepishly. Biafra is gradually coming to the point of force; crisis is gradually blowing and lives shall be involved. As the starting point will be the cleansing of the land, there is need for all you men against your people to repent.

From the men in the high places, ranging from Senate to Rep, all those dumb and deaf men and women that cannot say the mind of their people even though they were placed there to do the wish of the people but they have feigned ignorance as our people die on daily basis. They are culprits and conspirators, they are men of thousand faces; they face the enemy, face the people, facing everything at a go. Those old men that found pleasure in selling the people; still held by the spirit of slave trade. They are the root of our afflictions; the land is yearning for cleansing.

Biafra is a religion to us and an ideology its time has come; we shall face it and face it squarely, we shall come out triumphant because the prophecies of all mighty God cannot go back to Him. Biafra is our collective responsibility and our right. Death is nothing for what shall it profit a man to die in vain when it shall profit him honour, heaven and everything worthwhile to die for Biafra, the kingdom of God on earth.

The cleansing of the land is inevitable because evil that had clustered is rearing out its ugly head. The cleansing of the land must be 'braverily' approached if the old unwise men and high men fail to turn from their evil ways.

Authored by Ifeanyi Chijioke
Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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