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October 22, 2022

When the Biafra Nationalist leader - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu initiated the logic and concept of self-determination through civil approach aim towards the realization of a free Biafra Nation, they reprobated him and his freedom ideology movement. IPOB were scorned at and the people of Nigeria made jests of him and his followers referring to them as jobless youths, illiterates, motor park louts, touts, miscreants and to cap it all they called recharge cards and career freedom fighters.

They were without or devoid of any form of sound and superior reasonings nor opinions as to why they want the Indigenous People of Biafra to jettison her quest for a free Biafra state. All these government hirelings and minions were recruited with the sole aim of attacking the Indigenous People of Biafra online and offline just to make the people of Biafra to cower and to forfeit their inalienable right to self determination and embrace a nation full of ethnicity background hatred for one another most especially against a particular ethnic group in Nigeria.

Religious places were not left out as some of them thinking that with restoring a sane Biafra nation in Africa continent will put a mare or dent to their mind game business of swindling their gullible worshippers their hard earned money in the form of buying stickers, calendar, handkerchief, aprons and oil for miracles and protection while they buy suv bullet proof cars were busy working secretly in tandem with the government and her security secret agents to unlawfully molest, harass, embarrass, intimidate, kidnap, forceful disappearance, torture, arrest, summary execution so as to instil fear in our people to abandon the Biafra restoration project.

To buttress my points as to where we are as a people today and why our logic is far superior over those government hirelings and agents that were recruited to scorn at us with their resentful characters. It was around 2017, I attended the world youth crusade hosted by Rev. Fr. Ebube , where he invited many notable men in the country to speak to the Nigerian youths then while Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was in detention. I came to the program the very first day and they didn't talk about Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's freedom and nobody raised a Biafra flag. So I went home and prepared for the second day of the program.

Then the second day came. I met a tailor and got myself few Biafra flags which I shared to some lovers of freedom I met at the crusade ground. We had danced to the alter during offertory with the flags, waved it that the cameras broadcasting the crusade to the entire world carried it.

Rev. Fr. Ebube Muonso ordered his security men to seize our Biafra flags. (Understandably because the government will use it against his Church and ministration). Though it was late because we already raised uproar and heightened the desire, flair in our people to say something concerning the Biafra struggle and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's freedom in that program, to our surprise many of our people joined us to dance and raise Biafra flags.

The security men seized all the Biafra flags but I had to run around the premises with the one I was holding with me. I gave them tough time to get hold of me until they were able to catch me, overpower me and took the Biafra flag away.  "I smiled, stood up, dust myself and went back to my sit to continue with the church program". That very day, I felt like a King not minding what people will say.

To me It is not aright that such thousands of people will gather together in Igbo land without someone creating an awareness about Mazi Nnamdi Kanu freedom and Biafra being raised to the consciousness of our people. Today our arguments has won the Nigerian Government even in her own court and they have refused to obey court order leading to contempt of court order and its proceedings. Today we are not miscreants, jobless youths, illiterates nor recharge cards and career freedom fighters rather the same people that scorn at us wants to identify with us.

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