Written By Mazi Eziokwu Bú Ndụ | The Biafra Post | October 23, 2022

Have you thought for a minute why you fight for freedom as an IPOB member?. Why you stay online all day spreading the gospel, revealing the truth and debunking the lies of the enemies and our collective oppressors.

As a bonafide member of IPOB family, you have been doing this for years without minding the cost of what you loose, while you go on the streets to protest against the oppressors demanding for your right to be free.

Sometimes you wonder why you are not getting tired of agitating for your freedom, not even at the face of life threatening situations you still stand strong as an IPOB family member. Even when it seems like we are not being heard, we are not being giving necessary attention, results seems not to be coming, yet we still remain resolute and consistent because we believe the word of the liberator of our time - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the cause of our agitation.

You as a genuine family member of IPOB is ordained for the restoration of Biafra, you are chosen by Chukwu Okike Abiama to restore his kingdom here on earth, that is why when you see with your two eyes the killings of your fellow comrade, you dare won’t shake, you become more fearless, you still stand strong and keep on marching forward for your liberation. 

This is because of your resolved conviction, zeal and a defined purpose to be liberated from oppression, subjugation, slavery, and neo-colonialism; every man or generation has a purpose giving to them to accomplish on this earth before we sojourn to the great beyond. 

You wake up early in the morning to realize that some of your fellow IPOB members were attacked, abducted and killed in the middle of the night by the Nigeria terrorist soldiers, police and the DSS, yet It didn’t break you down, one may wonder what is motivating you. Many IPOB members are in different detention centers, and many were being summarily executed by the Nigerian Government security agents, while many have died of bullet wounds, these innocent people are still paying the price of freedom to this moment.

Don’t you know that the existence of IPOB is a threat to the enemies and our oppressors?. You marched on the streets of the zoological republic of Nigeria with your full chest with no atom of fear in you, this and many others you do as an IPOB member gives our enemies broad day nightmares and sleepless nights. 

The difference between you as an IPOB family member and those of them saboteurs and enemies in disguise is the zeal, passion, purpose and conviction in fighting for your freedom, are you aware?. You sacrificed your comfort, your money, your time, your life and blood, that’s what makes you different and that's what the enemies fear much. They tremble when they see you as an IPOB member walking down the street peacefully.

What if there was no IPOB?. What if there was no Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu Kanu?. Would you be bold enough talking and agitating for Biafra today and now?. All these are happening because of your convictions that we are not here for crumbs, there are many groups today that are claiming to be fighting for Biafra and where are they and their blueprints today and you still remain resolute as an IPOB member. You believe and were convinced that under IPOB Biafra shall be restored, no one forced you or bullied you to be part of IPOB, this is your conviction.

When you wake up and still get addressed as a Nigerian, it gives you more reasons to fight for your freedom as an IPOB member. When walk out and see the injustices against your people, it gives you more purpose to fight for your freedom, when innocent young Biafrans were killed in cold blood by the terrorist Nigeria Government security agents, it gives you more boldness to fight for your freedom. All this you do because you have a purpose.

As Director Mazi Nnamdi Kanu would always say, no one can be like IPOB, till now no one have ever been like IPOB, they can pretend, they can boast and parade themselves as autopilots, they lack the conviction, zeal and purpose of IPOB, this is why you are a special breed as an IPOB member.

I want you to understand the time we are into, this is the time to prove to the enemies once again that IPOB is whiter than white and whiter than snow. They can accuse us all they want, they can blackmail us all they want, they can mock us all they want, they can fabricate lies against us all they want, they can pretend to be with us all they want, deep down in them they know they can never be like IPOB.

No one can sacrifice what IPOB have sacrificed and still sacrificing for the freedom of Biafra, for years IPOB members have defended this struggle with their lives, this is the zeal in you. You remain loyal to command and control structure, even when it sometimes deprives you of your comfort, because you have a purpose.

IPOB still remains the only genuine force to restore Biafra, the enemies knows this, that is why they are fighting you, they are doing all they can to destroy IPOB, anytime they wake up and still realize that IPOB is still intact and active fear grips them all over.

As Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will always say, before IPOB, none has ever been like IPOB, till now none is like IPOB, and after IPOB have restored Biafra, none can ever be like IPOB, for we are a special breed of people, we are Umuchineke - the special breed, we have the zeal, conviction and purpose of restoring Biafra as a nation in us, and that is why we are consistent, all these and many more are the of nightmares to the enemies.

The master will be home soon, would you be counted as a faithful?. Be proud of who you are, you never know how high you are being placed until you are out. For it is an honor and privilege to be part of global and noble family member of the Indigenous People of Biafra ( IPOB).

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