Article Written By Elochukwu Ohagi |July 19, 2022 | The Biafra Post 

In Lokpanta, Fulani herdsmen used bulldozers to level houses belonging to indigenous Igbo people, in Abia State claiming that the former governor of the state now a serving senator, - Senator Orji Uzor Kalu single handedly gave them Indigenous land belonging to the people of Abian origin.

Imagine Ndi Igbo going to Sokoto or Kano, used bulldozers to demolish houses belonging to northerners.

Tell me, will that ever happen? The answer is a no. But they are doing it in your own land.

What did that tell you? You all are pitiable slaves in Nigeria. You got no respect anywhere in Nigeria. Not even in your own Indigenous land.

When Ese Oruru was kidnapped and impregnated, she and her kidnapper was harboured inside the Emir's Palace. Nigeria police went there and couldn't enter the Emir's House, because they have no power to do so.

In Imo state, Nigería security saw a king, lay him down on bare floor and flogged hell out of him. They got no respect for you.

During covid 19 lock down, police men were seen begging people in the Mosque to stop coming to the mosque.

In another video, same police men were seen obstructing a church activity and they arrested the pastor. Something they can't do to an Iman.

When exactly will our people understand that they are slaves? That you are in government doesn't remove the slave tag in you. You are just a slave feeding fat under the table of your slave masters. 

You must prepare your mind. You must know that there is no difference between your oppressors and Igbo politicians. When you are ready to liberate yourselves, please never you forget.

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