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July 20, 2022

Governor Hope Uzodimma also known as the Supreme Court imposed governor of Imo state yesterday being July 19, 2022 during his state address cum press briefing immediately after what he called Security Council meeting in Imo State government house. The butcher one governor of Imo State shockingly made a disturbing revelation how his administration takes pride in the extrajudicial killings of Imolites, illegal abduction, forceful detention and illegal incercration of Imo citizens and other residents within the state all in the name of fighting crime in  Imo state or let's say fighting what he usually call opposition in his government, and banditry. 

Before I continue, I want to be put on record that I condemn all manner of criminalities against the good citizens of Imo state and the government of Imo state in any manner or form and from any quarters such as armed  robbery, kidnapping for ransom, arsonists, assailants, cultism etc. And I will always throw my weight to support a fight against criminalities in any part of Biafra land especially in  Igbo land as a whole. But any crime not fought following the rule of engagement but rather fought in total disregard for the rule of law is itself a crime against humanity - period!. 

And this is exactly what is transpiring, playing out in Imo state under the watchful eye of Governor Hope Uzodimma. Hence I call on men and women of good conscience to rise up and stop Senator Hope Uzodimma from committing more crimes of forceful extermination of human lives and committing genocide against the civilian populace of Imo State. Senator Hope Uzodimma has made himself the three arms of government in Imo State namely: the executive, legislative and judiciary in his desperate bid to fight those he sees as government opposition and he must be called to order or made to resign or impeached immediately for the interest of humanity most especially for the safety of the good citizens of Imo State which his administration kills with passion.

Haven listened to Governor Hope Uzodimma's reaction to the killings of fourteen (14), Imo youths returning from a friend's traditional marriage in Oru West Local Government of Imo State to Awo - Mmama, and his rude reaction on the alleged 15 year old teenage girl who's being hold hostage with others of her six (6) colleagues illegally being abducted and has been held incercrated inside the DSS Dungeon Owerri - the State Capital. I see no justification that Senator Hope Uzodimma should remain as the executive governor of Imo State in the next 1 hr without being impeached. Lots of questions are demanding for answers but unfortunately in Nigeria, the Nigeria Media houses and its journalism remains one of the worst in terms of professionalism .

Senator Hope Uzodimma while addressing the media admitted that two girls rather than seven (7), girls as per media report are in the custody of Nigeria DSS Dungeon in Owerri Imo state for over six (6), months now and counting without trial if they have committed any offense against the government of Imo State. And that they are being used to track suspects allegedly to be their own boy friends that indulges on the acts of banditry, - this is a lame excuse coming from a governor of a State that is holding innocent girls hostage against their own volitions. The question in the lips of every sound mind is who does that?.  How does holding  little girls hostage and denying them access to their family, friends and lawyers or charging them to court to get court injunction to carry out your intelligence investigation in conformity with the rule of law and due process of the land?.

According to Senator Hope Uzodimma of Imo State, the killing of fourteen (14), Imo State Youths returning back from a friend's traditional marriage at Awo-Mmama on the 18th of July 2022 and were trailed and killed by Ebubeagu Militia was rather a DSS cross fire with bandits in the state. Senator Hope Uzodimma further claimed that one of the the little girl been hold hostage under his command led the team of DSS security department to the camp of the so called bandits and there were a cross fire and those fourteen (14) dead bodies were all bandits that fell victim of the horsepower of DSS operation in Imo State.

Then sane mind starts to imagine. Where are the weapons of those dead bodies if they were actually shot down during a cross fire exchange?.  I could not see any evidence with respect to the findings on ground. Then I ask further; does it mean that these guys while in their alleged  camp were asleep when the law enforcement agents suddenly encircle them and shot all of them dead instantly at sighting their presence there?. If so why didn't the DSS apply the rule of engagement by getting them arrested and parade them if need be?.

If that is the case that they are bandits according to what Senator Hope Uzodimma make-believe address was; why didn't the so called DSS go with their corpses and parade them rather than kill and ran away with their dead bodies littered in the street?.

 Again for the sake and purpose of rule of engagement why will DSS if not Ebubeagu Militia group shoot at sight unarmed men on their sleep if I may ask?.  Shooting fourteen (14), unarmed youths at a spot without any amenable arrest.  Why not arrest, handcuff and put them behind bars and charge them to court for disturbing the relative peace in Imo State as for being bandits?. A lot of unasked questions is forth not coming from the Nigeria corrupt media houses and their bias in mind Journalists, and a lot of unanswered questions are demanding for answers to probe and prove the governor innocence that he is not a culprit in this killing of fourteen (14) unarmed Imo State youths. 

The truth is if we are to go by the report of the governor rather than the report from the eye witnesses accounts, and victims including the popular media narratives which the governor - Senator Hope Uzodimma claimed are fallacy  and propaganda. Governor Hope Uzodimma has rather succeeded in convincing the general public that he is sponsoring genocide rather than fighting crime within the armbit of the law in Imo State as there's pure utter disregard for the rule of law since his imposition in Imo State. It has become obvious that Senator Hope Uzodimma has shown total disregard for the rule of law, his  government is more of a military dictatorship style in a democracy. 

The DSS in Owerri must urgently release the little innocent girls they are holding captive for over a period of six (6) months now, for false  intelligence gathering without any court injunction to substantiate their claims. It is height of unprofessionalism to hold some one hostage for the sake of intelligence gathering for over six (6) months period only to end up using the girls to invade a traditional marriage or ambush innocent citizens returning from a traditional marriage and massacre them, then later tag it a cross fire exchange with bandits. Not stopping there, the following day, same DSS invaded a betting shop and rounded up over twenty (20) youths, blindfolded and whisked them away to an unknown location, these are what is happening on daily bases against the good people of Imo State citizens and residents.

This is a deliberate act of genocide, Governor Hope Uzodimma and the law enforcement agency involved in these heinous crimes must immediately be subjected to face the law of the country so that justice will be dispense accordingly. I add my voice to call for the immediate resignation of Governor Hope Uzodimma or for the impeachment of Governor Hope Uzodimma so he can face justice for crime he has committed against humanity. 

Moreso, I am using this medium to call for an independent investigation in a catalog of extrajudicial killings in Imo State, forceful disappearance of Imo State citizens under the administration of Senator Hope Uzodimma.  I call on and appeal to the conscience of all the reputable Human Rights organizations in the world like:  Amnesty International , Intersociety, UN Human rights watch, International communities, EU in Nigeria, UK in Nigeria, US in Nigeria, UN in Nigeria, to prevail against this tyrannical Fulani imposed government of Hope Uzodimma to resign immediately and face justice for his crime against humanity if found guilty. 

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