Written By Ejike Sampson For Biafra Reporters 
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July 20, 2022

BBC - British Biased Corporation is on a mission again, yes! A very big mission for the Nigeria Fulani Caliphate against the Biafrans. Outside their falsehood and heinous reports against people's individual rights, they have gotten so many bad names and ruined their reputation too on fake news against some countries' rights to freedom which led to them to been banned from operation. 

BBC is hell-bent on their mission to portray the Biafrans as the villians of all the atrocities happening in Nigeria of recent. BBC reportage is solely against the Biafrans where the victims of genocide and state sponsored terrorism acts are now seen as the aggressors against the Nigerian State while the aggressors and bullies [the Nigerian government/Fulani herdsmen], are now to be seen as the victims.

Britain owns BBC and had always been "a country of looters and double face merchants" either by oppression or subtlety by creating colonies and countries. They feed from the pains, weepings and deaths of other people. To clear your doubts, from the colonies' sufferings down to the world War II, check these histories and chaos, converteous-ness, wars and deaths through the archives British government will be seen plainly as the initiators, the British government feeds their economy through creating wars and restiveness. 

BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), a media network set up "to act in the public interest, serving all audiences through the provision of impartial, high-quality and distinctive output and services which inform, educate and entertain". This is their acclaimed mission to the people. But, isn't it quite unfortunate that this mission statement of BBC is a mere write-up to deceive the gullible minds?. 

A quick look on 1967-1970 Biafra genocidal war, BBC unleashed media biasness against Biafrans, genocide was ongoing in Biafra territory, BCC changed the war narratives while the British government aided the Nigerian government in procuring arms and more deadly lethal weapons against the Biafrans for possible extermination. British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), never cast their reportage against their Nigerian government Fulani puppets going about with guns and bullets killing Biafrans. 

It is on record that Mr. Gerald Waltrous of BBC, the Head of BBC Africa News Service got so upset when some good journalists reported accurately to the World leaders the evil of British government against innocent Biafrans. BBC quickly took it upon themselves to twist the news as people began to ask questions all over the world. BBC High Commissioner of Commonwealth Relations Officer, Mr. David Hunt as expected by his masters and those that employed him, BBC stifled every News coming out from the genocide happening in Biafra.

Mr. David Hunt twisted the news of Biafra genocide even to the Western world both in interview and on reports with the help of his Deputy High commissioner in Enugwu, Mr. Jim Parker, and this led to the death of over 2.6 million Biafrans mostly children in hunger.
What a shame to a country of looters!
Worstly, BBC supervised the genocide from the beginning till the end and refused to neither document the real story nor allow Biafrans or other people to narrate it to the World without countering it with propaganda that will scare people from speaking about it.

As soon as one is a compromiser, a liar, propagandist and a betrayal...Boom! BBC loves such an individual for an interview where every garbages will be published against Biafrans Internationally. Today, BBC has continued the 1967-1970's job of genocide in Biafra land. The Nigeria soldiers of are everywhere in Biafra land killing and destroying properties, raping, kidnapping for ransom and protecting Fulani herdsmen by refusing to call them by their names.

Fourteen [14] Igbo Youths were murdered in a cold-blood by Ebubeagu government created Militia group in Imo State yet, BBC news can never report it. If actually BBC is a good media outfit then, why did China and others  condemned and banned their news coverages in their countries? 

This BBC told the Indigenous People of Biafra " to continue to be unhappy" on the atrocious reports they made on 11 May 2022, cutting out some clips of IPOB media warrior's broadcast and quote them out of context and refused to report the issues that brought about the statement. BBC has become not just a stereotype media outlet but an exclusive media outfit of disinformation for subterfuge and for genocide.

Biafrans and the World at large should disregard the lies of BBC for they are just on  a mission for Islamic Caliphate of the North to wipe out Biafrans so as to forcefully inherit our fertile lands and natural resources.
The British government should henceforth stop perpetuating evil through her BBC news outlet because, no one or sane country will ever allow them to continue with their slave antics and actions. BBC should no longer be regarded as a broadcasting network but a gang of imperialists behind the camera and microphone strengthening neo-colonialism in Africa and beyond.

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