Written By Nwawube Ezeobi | Biafra Reporter
May 13, 2022

Some few days back, BBC news has been emailing IPOB media personnels with very terrible blackmailing questions on purported call for violence. Without giving IPOB legal team time to respond to their claims, they have rushed to the internet to share what they refer to as an investigation into IPOB media warriors activities.

In tackling this repugnant level of bias media reportage against Biafra struggle, it is pertinent to educate the poorly educated staffs of BBC news handlers what investigative journalism is all about. Since they believe in objective investigation, let us aid them on where to start with their investigation.

On doing the above I will ask very pertinent questions to the so called investigative journalist crew of BBC.

1. As an investigative journalist, is it ideal to produce a report of effect without digging to exhume the causes of such inciting calls for violence and from which quarters, is there no longer a place of cause and effect in investigative journalism?. 

2. If you agree with me on the number one question, then is it not right for the investigator to produce what led to the call for violence by those media warriors whom you accussed of inciting violence?.

The above two questions will serve as a foundation of this objective journalistic work which you have embarked upon and I am very certain IPOB media team are very much ready to aid you with materials as to what might have led to the outburst for retaliations as you claimed.

A Tip of The Iceberg: As you journey back to the drawing board for a thorough and worthy journalistic work, let me give you some tips since your media company may have claimed not to have been existing when all these happened.

BBC, do you know that flag carrying and praise singing IPOB members were massacred before the camera at Aba National High school by the combined team of the Nigerian armed forces?.

Do you know that more than hundred of our youths lost their lives on that very day and many still missing till date?.

Oh maybe you didn't know of the above, then please were you in the know that IPOB members who gathered at Nkpor Anambra State on the 30th of May 2016 to commemorate the Biafra heroes remembrance day and they were massacred in their numbers by the same Nigerian military squad?.

Did you at least not see the video of one of the survivors who was bathed and messed up with acid by the Nigerian army?.

We all were here and witnessed what happened on the day Donald J. Trump of America was sworn in and IPOB members thronged the city of Port Harcourt in support of his winning the American Presidential election and they were killed without provocation. Or you -BBC didn't hear of it?.

What about the 14th of September 2017 invasion of Afara Ukwu Ibeku Umuahia and massacre of IPOB family members?. The day the leader of IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's house was invaded by the Nigerian troop and 28 young able youths were killed at the spot, many carted away with no trace till date. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's parents never recovered from the trauma and today they are both dead.

The above is a tip of what you will find out if you try to dig in on the cause for the call for retaliation as you produced in your outlets in a rush. Don't you as human beings think it is necessary to also produce these facts than jumping into conclusion that someone like Omote Biafra and co woke up one morning and started calling for retaliation.
It will be a very big shame if you ignore this very message and continue with your evil and half baked reportage against Biafra media team.

Pure journalism is shaped in objectivity and never in lies and half baked reportage. BBC should stop their fake news reportage on and about Biafra. BBC should stop this media crime and evil against humanity.

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