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The Biafra Post | May 13, 2022

The ever biased BBC so called disinformation documentary report done on Biafra agitation by Indigenous People of Biafra is a continuation of hired, rented, and contracted infiltrators and moles by the Nigerian government failed agenda to destroy IPOB by using a double face Finland based social media blogger and his cohorts in Europe.

To cut the long story short why did; why BBC news Africa shielded double agent Simon Ekpa the Finland based Youtuber who has used his platforms to incite violence against Igbo  traditional rulers, religious leaders, and political leaders and who furthered his incitement by floating fake Eastern Security Network and one fake M.Branch to use its  activities as a camouflage to indict Eastern Security Network and Intelligence Team of IPOB known as M. Branch under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu?.

Why is it that there was no reportage on those series of incitement to kill our people by Mr. Simon Ekpa on his various broadcast?. 

Why did the British Brain-washing Company (BBC), attached the photograph of Mr. Simon Ekpa in their disinformation documentary reportage against IPOB when IPOB have in numerous publications distanced themselves from Simon Ekpa and his unholy romance inciting and calling for violence, anarchy in our Biafra land?.

Is BBC not in tune that IPOB leadership through the office of the Directorate of States (DOS), has disassociated themselves from Mr.Simon Ekpa's activities and made it clear that Simon Ekpa is not a member of IPOB under the freedom fighting movement ably led Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. 

Then on the fake cut an join clip from Efe Uwanogho aka Omote Biafra an IPOB activist and Media warrior's alleged incitement speech produced by the BBC. Can the British Brain-washing Company (BBC), objectively report her findings on the said incitement in the clip?. Where and when she made the speech and what propel her to make such speech?.

And what made BBC to describe such speech to be an incitement to violence opposed to mere expression of effects of the reasons behind her speech?.

British Brain-washing Company BBC's claim that the report made by Nwada Nneka Igwenagu about the Fulanis' plan of invasion and attack in Biafra land is not just disinformation from BBC but a deliberate  attack on the young lady for her refusal to surrender her page for them to use same to blackmail IPOB and its agitation for Biafra.

would BBC claim that such report is fake and at the same time admits that there has been series of attack by Fulani herders against farmers in the same region?.

What more evidence do BBC want when former Chief of the Nigeria Army Staff TY Danjuma has petitioned the British Parliament and British House of Lords on how Nigeria security forces are colluding with bandits (Fulani herders terrorists) to kill Nigerians.

What about the alarm raised by the former Deputy Central Bank of Nigeria, - Late Obadiah Malaifia about same Fulani bandits plan to invade South East and start civil war by 2022 after they might have conquered the Middle Belt of Nigeria ?.

What about the daily lamentations of the current Executive Governor of Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom on Fulani invasions in Benue State and the on-going genocide  happening in Benue State as I write and compile this report?.

When is BBC going to do documentaries on these facts?.

If BBC is not biased and working in collaboration with the Fulani controlled Federal Government of Nigeria and her contracted infiltrators against IPOB then what is BBC mission in discharging deliberate falsehood against us and our liberation movement?.

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