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To explain what Biafra means is not a short lecture. But I will try as hard as possible to touch on some high points, from where we can then elaborate from. Here is what I can call preamble.

Biafra is the old Eastern part or region of the fraud, which Britain concocted in West Africa and called Nigeria. Before Britain came, Biafra was existing as a conglomeration of compatible nationalities, with commonality in everything, but with slight variations in linguistical dialects.
Biafra is 100% JUDEO-CHRISTIANS, without even a fraction of a percent being Muslims.

Britain found it very tough to colonize Biafra, fighting for close to fifty years with Biafrans, before tricking the Biafrans into entering into treaties with them. After those treaties, Britain formed what she called protectorates.

Britain had what she called Northern protectorate, which consists of mainly semi Arab tribe called Fulani, who had conquered the indigenous Hausa population in the North.
This semi Arab Fulani are 100% Islamists. Not only that they are Islamists, they are Islamic extremists, who keep the satanic verses of their religious book to the later. Their ambition had always been to Islamize the whole of Africa, through violent means.

The Southerner protectorate was made up of the Biafrans in the East, and Yoruba (Oduduwa) in the West. The Yoruba are mainly animists, but because of the influence of colonial Christian religion, and the Fulani semi Arab Islamization quest, many Yoruba are Christians and many are Muslims, but are rooted in neither of the two.

It was these two protectorates that had conflicting values, world view, culture, religion, ambition, and general outlook, that Britain, without the consent of any of the nations, merged them forcefully in an abominable act, , and toxic union called Nigeria.
The Eastern part or region of this aberration called Nigeria - (Biafra), has the highest population density in Africa, with ingenious, skilled, republican, and egalitarian population.
The land is enormously rich, because it has almost every mineral in the world.
The people are Judeo-Christians.

Since the creation of the graveyard called Nigeria in 1914, Biafrans have been protesting, rejecting, and resisting the forceful merging of her region with people of OPPOSITE values, but Britain has been using maximum force to silence Biafra's protestations for so long, but the people of Biafra refused the forceful union which is extremely incompatible for their survival as a people with common goal.  It was part of the resistance to this anathema by Biafrans that you hear, as Britain roguishly led the genocidal war with Nigeria against Biafra and christen their devil's advocate mission as Nigerian Civil War. My dear friend, there was no Nigerian civil war, from 1967-70. 
It was a Biafra genocide, which Britain hid behind those Islamists of the North to commit against Biafrans, killing over 6 million Biafrans, and using their agent of misinformation and lair-ological(sic) BBC, to conceal the humongous genocide from the conceptions of the world.

The primary target of Britain in this genocide was to exterminate the Biafrans, take over their extremely rich land, and plant in their favorites, the Fulani, so that they can have unfettered access to all the minerals in the land of Biafra. I can say that they partially succeeded because by the time they SUSPENDED the genocide in 1970, they did not believe that Biafrans could ever recover, having leveled the whole of Biafra land to nothing, with as many as ten thousand Biafrans dying in one day. (this report is in Irish archives). Britain actually celebrated with a boast that with the degree of massacre they carried out in Nigeria, "the Biafrans would naturally go into extinction systematically and gradually, like the Australians".

May I cite the example of the NIGERIA CRUDE OIL.  The Biafran genocide was described in many quarters and books as the oil war. Every drop of oil that Nigeria is associated with, is in Biafra. It was the satanic desire of using the Northern Islamists, under the smokescreen of one Nigeria, to take over the Biafran oil, that made Britain to instigate and execute a genocide against Biafrans. Britain actually confiscated the Biafran oil in 1970, and has kept a stranglehold on same up to this moment.  It has been the fear of Britain that when Biafrans take over the control of the oil, they will lose their free access to the oil, which will adversely affect the British economy.

This is why Britain has been doing everything to ensure that those Islamists remain in power in Nigeria.  It is also the reason why Britain is doing everything to ensure that the world does not get to know about Biafra, nor let Biafra exit from Nigeria.
Meanwhile, their so called amalgamation document, which forcefully joined the North and the South in 1914 stated it specifically and emphatically, that at the end of one hundred years, any of the nations that is not willing to continue in the concoction called Nigeria could freely exit. But because of the economic importance of Biafra to Britain, Britain does not want Biafra to go.

To highlight the mischievous and criminal nature of THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT, they are afraid to negotiate any deals with Biafra because they know that whatever deal will be on fairness and equity basis. But because Britain has been carting away everything from Biafra almost free of charge, using the cover of one Nigeria, she does not want to lose that criminal leeway. Hence the reason they, - the British government is hellbent in suppressing the present agitation by Indeginous people of Biafra ( IPOB), ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu a prisoner of conscience. 

A Biafra born British citizen who traveled to East Africa Kenya to be precise as a private citizens, but unfortunately through the collaboration of British government, and through the conspiracy of the Kenya government and Nigeria authorities was able to track him and extraordinary rendition him to Nigeria and now under going incarceration, torture in solitary confinement in the dungeon of the Nigeria DSS. Despite Mazi Nnamdi Kanu being a British Citizen and having a British passport, the UK government is yet to condemn Nigeria's action of extraordinarly renditioning of her citizen since eleven months now and counting.

It is worthy to note, that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu committed no crime known to law. His only crime is a demand for self-determination through a universally accepted  democratic process known as referendum. But British government unwillingness to let go of Biafra freedom is secretly instigating the Fulani government to silent Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who has been a voice to the voiceless Biafrans to be tried in secrets and be jailed.

This is a call for concern to all the good people of the world and of good conscience to speak up and alert the International communities and relevant authorities around the world to prevail on Nigeria and British government to free Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and allow Biafra people to exercise their right of self determination by organizing United Nations supervised referendum for Biafra people to have opportunity to decide their fate in their own hand.

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