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March 25, 2022 

Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is an umbrella body fighting for the freedom of independent state of Biafra Nation. It was founded in 2012 with the sole desired for freedom; Indigenous People of Biafra are demanding from the Federal Government of Nigeria, African Union, United Nations and International communities to respect her chatters on rights of Indigenous People for self-determination by granting the people of Biafra freedom from the oppressive government of British government contraption called Nigeria  through a referendum as a peaceful and democratic means of settling conflicts. 

This movement boasts  of over fifty [50,000,000] million membership globally, her members are derived from all works of life and enjoys over hundred [100,000,000] million supporters globally that are a combination of Biafrans and none Biafrans worldwide. 

IPOB secret code that generates her supporters and sympathizers on daily basis are derived by inspiration of her global peaceful conduct and speaking truth to power that be, without mincing words. IPOB has over time lawfully demonstrated civility on the face of provocation, illegal arrests, incarceration, forceful disappearance, extrajudicial killing, and massacre of peaceful protester. A tactics that the Fulani controlled Federal Government of Nigeria applies using her security forces in her desperate move to intimidate the agitators to surrender and succumb to perpetual slavery. 

Reports of catalogued of forensic and documented evidences of human rights abuses of IPOB members since 2015 till date by Inter-Society, Amnesty International, United Nations Human rights and other notable independent international Human rights organizations are there and has been published severally on main stream media  while the human rights abuses of Biafrans by Nigeria security forces continues unabated. 

It is no longer news that the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was extraordinary renditioned from Kenya to Nigeria against international law and have been subjected to solitary confinement, torture and all kinds of inhumane treatment without commiting any crime known to law. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's crime according to what the Nigerian Government wants us to believe is because Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is demanding for a referendum for his people to decide their fate to either remain as a Nigerian or to be on their separate nation of Biafra.

 But the unwillingness of Nigeria Government to tow the part of dialogue, and negotiation by applying political solutions in addressing the genuine grievances of Indigenous People of Biafra and her agitation has caused her to use Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State, Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State and few other politicians of Biafra extraction serving in Nigeria Government to sponsor the Unknown Gunmen (UGM) and forming a parallel group  that advocate for violence just to impersonate a globally known peaceful IPOB in their desperate move to justify their black market terrorists tag on peaceful movement which the Indigenous People of Biafra are known for. 

Angered by resistance and resilient spirit of which IPOB is known for through their civil disobedience and peaceful conduct to drive home her demand, the above mentioned politicians boasted  that "if IPOB do not stop, a counter group shall rise to suppress her agitation". In other words that they shall create a parallel group to counter IPOB modus operandi. Read Dave Umahi's statement on Punch News Paper of October 6, 2021 titled:  Counter-Secessionist groups may rise in South-East if IPOB doesn’t stop – Dave Umahi. 

It is on this note that Biafra Reporters are calling on USinNigeria, UKinNigeria  EUinNigeria, UNinNigeria and all relevant authorities in the global communities forums to with immediate effect use their good offices to investigate Governor Dave Umahi, Hope Uzodimma and one Mr. Simon Ekpa, a blogger who is residence in Finland. Mr. Simon Ekpa, uses his platforms to instigate violence against the peaceful civilian populace in the South Eastern part of Nigeria known as Biafra land, the said Simon Ekpa is advocating for the enforcement of sit at home and other violence activities happening in Biafra land and Ekpa and his cohorts should be immediately added to global terrorists index as individuals who sponsors terrorism in their watchlist.

There is a verifiable evidence that this said blogger - Simon Ekpa, newly launched some corps members suspected to be militants group in his desperate quest to use same in activities that might implicate IPOB Eastern Security Network, against the sole mission and duty of Eastern Security Network, which is to drive out terrorists herdsmen in bushes and forests in  Biafra land. There is a widely assumption that Nigeria politicians mostly the above mentioned two governors are behind the sponsorship of this Finland based blogger who is desperately  recruiting foot soldiers that shall continue to cause insecurities in Biafra land, in order to de-market the widely accepted IPOB agitation code of conduct. The silence of the Nigeria Government and Igbo politicians on the activities of these individuals makes them complicit of his actions. This blogger has openly commanded his foot soldiers to go after politicians of course politicians suspected to be opposition party members, and go after their perceived enemies such as traditional rulers, religious leaders and Nigeria security forces. 

We are yet to ascertain why Mr. Simon Ekpa, ventured into the business of sponsoring terrorism in Biafra land; what is his mission and who sent him?. What this means is that there are no differences between the activities of the popular unknown gunmen (UGM), and the assigned activities of this newly launched corps members by the Finland based blogger - Simon Ekpa. This can be said to be a celebration time for IPOB and people of good will and conscience  that the so called unknown gunmen men that have been causing all manner of restiveness in Biafra land has unknowingly or knowingly being unmasked, these criminals unmasked themselves by viture of the launch of the corps members by the Finland base blogger. 

It is also worrisome because the media in that part of the world is one of the most currupt media outlets that will not have the courage to report exact story as it is rather will choose to always collaborate with the government to peddle news on narratives that will always favor the government irrespective of facts and figured available; the reporter must choose to twist it to present innocent IPOB in a bad light. Therefore it is necessary we put the record straight that Mr. Simon Ekpa, is not a member of Indigenous People of Biafra - IPOB, rather an infiltrator or what we considers  as a  mole being sponsored by the Nigerian politicians to carry out activities that is contrary to IPOB code of conduct while impersonating IPOB/ESN and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu with the sole aim to implicate IPOB and our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. We wish to inform the imbecilic Ekpa and gullible followers that their actions are made in futility because we shall always be here to debunk every step he - Simon Ekpa makes to carry out his evil paymaster's agenda that will incriminate what the Indigenous People of Biafra represent.

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