IPOB Press Release

March 21, 2022 

Published On the Biafra Post 

The attention of the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by our prophet and indefatigable liberator, Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu KANU, has been drawn to the laughable and fallacious statement from those unfortunate  self-aclaimed deciples in Europe and Umuada highways in America who were sponsored by unfortunate politicians in Nigeria. They claim that they were asked to raise funds for ESN but that's not true.

We, therefore, dissociate with the viral videos on Facebook and YouTube platforms for purported fundraise for ESN. The said fundraise does not have the approval of the Directorate of State (DOS) of IPOB. And those behind the questionable project are working in cohorts with certain politicians in the country with the intent to use same to execute their 2023 political ambition. Our people should not fall for their trap. Their intent is to drag our hallowed name into their dirty politics. The public should beware of such sabotures.

We want to say it categorically that those sponsored to use the name of IPOB to do politics in Enugu State and elsewhere are not IPOB members and we also warn those behind and sponsors of this falsehood Senator Ike Ekweremadu to stop his campaign DG Engineer Eric Ogbo Asogwa, Mazi  Chinedu Mba and others to leave IPOB alone and should not drag IPOB into their dirty politics, if they continue they will regret their actions. 

It's also important to clarify that IPOB has never made any statement concerning government Enugu State  and  its election. Any purported statement attributed to IPOB concerning Enugu State government and its election in 2023 is fake and should be disregarded. IPOB is after Biafra restoration and not concerned with elections in Nigeria.

We, therefore, urge members of the public to disregard the said viral videos purportedly claiming its coming from IPOB office, no it wasn't from IPOB and about the dubious fundraise and Enugu State election. We knew they are sponsoring the destruction of IPOB  but they will fail. IPOB has nothing to do with them such ridiculous statement concerning Enugu State government

We also warn those behind this devilish activities to be careful, and leave IPOB out of their dirty politics. They should leave IPOB alone and face their hopeless politics in Nigeria because IPOB is not interested in their evil politics. Any further use of IPOB's name for political reasons in any part of Biafra land will attract severe sanctions 

Our major preoccupation now is the unconditional release of our Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and date for Biafra referendum not Nigeria politics not so Nigeria will never have peace. 


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