Written By Simeon Green |The Biafra Post

February 27, 2022

A Radio presenter once said that Nigerians are the most happiest people on earth. He said that they rejoice even in crisis. This is what the late Afro music king - Fela Anikulapo Kuti, called suffering and smiling. How come one will be suffering and smiling? Behind every fake happiness in the face of crisis, there must be a slave driver behind the scenes. Forcing those before the camera to smile and give the rest of the world the impression that all is okay with their present condition, that is absolutely what is obtainable in Nigerian from inception. 

That is why the leadership of this country will always channel the people's attentions on matters that are off the realities in the country. Sometimes I ask myself why Nigerians go online fighting for other nations but they keep mute over the blood of fellow innocent citizens being shed all over the nation in the name of keeping the country as one. Today all over the social media platforms Nigerians are busy writing either against Russia or against Ukraine but the killings taking place even before their very eyes they sweep it under an unseen carpet. 

In this case who is fooling who?. Every Nigerian wants to play the role of a patriot because of fear. They will prefer talking about Putin, Joe Biden and any other President than talking about the resident evil called a President master-minding the blood shed all over the country. Many pretenders live on social media but real men stand face to with their adversary saying hell no to their monsters with no iota of fear. 

To be a patriotic Nigerian is to bury the truth and live in the fake reality, a script written by the Nigerian main stream media. Clergy men, politicians and so called elders and elites are presently puppets to the Fulani ruling class and armed herdsmen; that is the sole reason why they only play to the gallery pretending that there is peace in the country while there is absolutely cold war all over the country. Free yourself from this mental slavery and fight your way out of this Fulani cage or you die a slave forever.

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