IPOB Press Release

Published On The Biafra Post

February 26,2022

Following the frustration, falsehood and media propaganda by security agencies especially Nigeria police, army and DSS agents masquerading as secret police in Nigeria, we the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the command and leadership of our great leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu condemn and deny any culpability in the numerus fabricated lies, allegations and deliberate media propaganda against IPOB and ESN operatives by Nigeria Government and its security agencies. 

We have discovered that the Nigeria Government and its security agencies have penchant in  peddling lies against innocent individuals and groups especially those who stand on their way, and who make efforts to expose them.

IPOB has severally explained to the public that we Don't have camp in Orsumoghu, Lilu, in Anambra State and Mbaise, Obowo and Isu LGA's of Imo State but we wonder how Nigeria police would be dishing out such fallacious narrative that they busted ESN camp in these communities and most gullible minds and imitation fellows believe them. 

The camp they attacked in Orsumoghu recently does not belong to ESN nor IPOB. It is imperative to make it categorically clear to all that ESN and IPOB had before now, declared those criminals behind the said camp wanted since  December 2021. The Police Commissioner in Imo State should stop peddling lies against us in his desperation to create the false impression that he is working hard.

IPOB and ESN are working tirelessly to ensure that our people are safe from these criminals created by the Nigeria security agencies in with the Imo State Government.

The Nigeria police, army and DSS with their gimmicks cannot stop us from achieving our aims of securing total freedom for the oppressed people of Biafra.

We have always said that the Nigeria Government and security agencies especially police and DSS created these criminals terror


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