IPOB Press Release

March 2, 2022 

The attention of the  Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the command of our  indefatigable liberator Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu KANU has been drawn to the sharing of smartphones  by the Supreme Court Administrator of Imo State Hope Uzodinma to the gullible minds and youths he is recruiting to attack IPOB members on social media platforms. These attack dogs and e-rats are paid to propagate lies and smear campaigns against IPOB, Eastern Security Network, ESN, and Biafra agitators.

We blame those he is deceiving with smartphones, material things and cash to oppose those fighting for their freedom. If Hope Uzodinma have correct intentions for Imo State youths he wouldn't have given them phones to attack IPOB;  he would  have provided industries and companies where the youths will work and produce phones for sale.

Imo youths should know that Uzodinma is taking them for granted. They stop being gullible.

We are warning Mazi Pascal Chibuike Okechukwu popularly known as Cubana Chief Priest to steer clear, and not strike a deadly deal with Hope Uzodinma. He should not dare IPOB. Let him continue his restaurant business and not get deceived by Hope Uzodinma and his APC co-travellers. Anybody who know this man should tell him to retrace his steps and don't allow Uzodinma to use him to fight innocent people. 


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