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October 25,2021 

Let’s me start this piece with a proverb that says; “one’s relations are shown but friendship is by choice and selection. To make my reference clearer; those that lived before this present generation tried to live in Nigeria as one unified entity but ugly report entails it was a battle of cat and dog, a classification into two opposed parts or subclasses. What transpired at the Federal High Court during Mazi Nnamdi Knau’s court trial was a dichotomy between the Igbo and Fulani. Those with mere optical eyes will not understand the rationale behind the humiliation meted on respected Igbo elders, they were not only denied entrance to observe the court proceeding but disgraced by Fulani security forces . Such embarrassment cannot happen to ordinary Fulani emir or Sultan.

The present generation are unfortunate to be the products of circumstance to become Nigerians. If one is meant to choose a nationality from the womb I’m sure nobody will like to be a Nigerian, it’s a fact. Don’t mind those shouting one Nigeria, from the bottom of their hearts or when you closely interact with them none of them believes in Nigeria. What they say on the pages of newspaper is different from what they have at heart. I can attest to that, i have many of them. The masses thought they really stand for one unified Nigeria, but honestly, they reap their gain from Nigeria. To identify them is simple, why engage them in a discussion their anthem is that Nigeria belongs to nobody, if you can’t beat them, you join them to earn a living. Even service corps don’t believe in patriotism. Their service is not for the love of the nation but to put food on their table then, Nigeria can go to hell. Due to absence of affection, Fulani commanding officer spotted on a viral video ordered Nigeria solders under his command to kill any person seen at Izombe community. The blood of innocent Igbo people were spilled and houses were set ablaze.   

It is important to explain further in a logical terms; every nation or country has one thing that binds her citizens together, and whenever one sees its fellow countrymen or women they have the feeling of oneness and affection. But when there is no common value system, unification becomes by force. Force unity is slavery. Nigeria represents modern slavery and every ethnic nationality that are locked up must fight to savage themselves from the captivity.

Togetherness is a choice, not a by force. That is why, only in Nigeria you hear their leaders keep saying that; Nigeria unity is a compulsory task. Says who? Where did they get such a myopic mentality? Such nonsensical outburst cannot be heard in any other nation around the globe, only in Nigeria. Unity is negotiable, only freedom is not negotiable because humans are meant to be free, even natural law states that a baby in her mother’s womb is not constrained at 9th month. Imagine a baby in her mother’s womb that has everything in common with the mother obtains liberty let alone Nigeria without commonality enforces unification on indigenous ethnic nationalities caged together. It’s absurdity.

Amalgamation of southern and northern protectorates by Fredrick Lugard in 1914, was the worst experiment of its kind. Even in his grave Fredrick Lugard deserves not to be forgiven, he did unimaginable thing against humanity. What he did was equivalent to mixing oil and water together. Nobody in his right sense will ever think such mixture will blend. Never!

Oneness will continue to be far from Nigeria because people of divergent value system cannot come together as one unified entity. It has never work anywhere in the world. All the divergent ethnic groups in Nigeria must take note of this; dichotomy also be the order of the day when people of divergent value system are lumped up together. As it has been difficult to live as one indivisible one Nigeria from onset, the same incompatibility may not be resolved instead, fracas will keep rising more and more from generation to generations.

From my tender age till now, religious killing has been the order of the day and Biafran Christians are mainly victims of religious intolerance in northern part of Nigeria.  Biafrans are not secure in Nigeria from onset. Is either they are been killed as a result of riots, religious crisis or ethnic war. The same killing is currently ongoing with different tag name but the same exterminate purpose. Fulani has succeeded in massacred brave Biafrans in the north while those still manage to be alive are mentally tortured to the level they are prostrating to Fulani’s oligarchy order to be accepted. Which is why the Fulani’s foot fighters in disguise of herdsmen are advancing in full force down to the East. Secret genocide against the people of Biafra has not stopped, it is a pure extermination and Fulani led federal government keeps diverting the world’s attention with deceptive inscription “farmers/herders clash”. Perhaps, the only one inescapable thing left for Biafrans living in northern Nigeria is; you must convert to Islam or you are killed in any slightly provocation.

Had it been there is nothing like Nigeria, innocent souls murdered in a cold blood would have still be alive today. Circumstance of being a Nigerian took their lives untimely. Those that believed that Nigeria is their grandfathers’ estate have monopoly of power to determine who lives and dies. They also monopolized violent among themselves, whatever they say or do is valid and it doesn’t matter if it contravenes the law.

Through economic emasculation, Biafrans are forced to abandon their ancestral land, which is the main reason Biafrans are scattered all over the world. Many Biafrans in diaspora wish to come back home but they have nothing to hold on as Fulani have taken over everything and the government has deliberately destroyed every means of livelihood. As it stands now, Biafrans don’t go for tertiary institution to secure a good job after schooling but to acquire certificate and start from the crash. One Nigeria for the betterment of Fulanis’ and at the detriment of Biafrans. One Nigeria indeed!

A notorious Fulani terrorist commander can kill as many innocent masses as possible with intention of being compensated through amnesty program. A well known Fulani terrorist recently rewarded with a high profile delicate position, like custom officer maybe, to allow inflow of proliferation of Fulani arms. Fulanis’ have access to everything in Nigeria; even another man’s wife belongs to them like oil wells in Bayelsa state belong to Jigawa while gold in Zamfara state, belongs to Zamfara indigenes, do you see why they shout one Nigeria?  Indigenes of Zamfara can tap the gold in their soil uninterrupted and share amongst themselves without being witch-hunt but oil in Biafra soil is a national cake exclusively left for federal government. When anyone from Biafra extraction complains the uneven distribution or inequality in the system, Fulani mafias in the government call it hate speech while they engaged in hate action. The more they keep clamoring for one Nigeria, the more they continue exploiting Biafra natural resources. This is the essence of one Nigeria, without Biafra resources there won’t be one Nigeria.

Edited by: Obed Ifemnnacho

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