Written By Simeon Green | Biafra Reporter

October 15, 2021

In Biafra land we value and treasure the words and wisdom of our elders, it is part and parcel of our custom while we were growing up, I grew up in Igbo land to know that the words of the elders can kill or give life. But the scenario that took place last week at Upper Iweka opened my eyes to see some untamed Northern dogs let loose running round Biafra land killing innocent youths and causing arson. It is believe that it is only a rag-tag society like the majorly insane Nigeria military, a military whose order, tenent or line of duty should be to safeguard lives and properties of violates this natural law, it is shamefacedly that same ignorant ragtag Nigerian military goes about committing such crimes.

In Izombe Oguta of Imo State, the unlearned, ever brute Nigerian Military went there and showcased her [their], stupidity and foolishness beyond sound cognitive reasonings to the world, we sincerely hope that at least humanity can attest to the margin of suppression, subjugation, intimidations the Indigenous People of Biafra are forced to live with by the Nigerian state and her security architectures. The commanding officer of Fulani extraction who ordered the Nigerian Army in Izombe to be wiped should be disgraced and sack from the Nigerian Army.

How could a learned officer assumed to be educated command her troops to kill everything moving and burn down their houses in Izombe if not a terrorist on an ethnic cleansings of Izombe tribe and Hope Uzodimma became dummy like a big fool without conscience. Imo state was boiling and the Fulani Supreme Court impossed state administrator of Imo state Hope Uzodimma was in Abuja faffing around doing nothing, the Abuja made governor lack the ball to call his slave masters to order because they are the people that criminally installed him as a stooge under their remote. 

Our findings so far depicts that repented Northern Nigeria Boko Haram members and Fulani bandits without proper parental up bringing were brought into our land to carry out the on going silent civil war going on in Biafra land. Example, is the disdain treatment meted out on an elderly man wearing Biafra regalia as costume like as it is in every free society was manhandled, a veteran and actor by name Chief Chinwetalu Agu was humiliated for just wearing a design outfit, what is or was the crime Chinwetalu Agu committed? Nobody gave any good answer rather these untamed dogs barked at the people with reckless abandon. 

Then Biafra Reporters sincerely wish to ask the Biafran populace who let these dogs into Biafra land?. The answer is all South East governors and Ohaneze Ndi Igbo did the invite. Hope Uzodimma once attest to Impolites how he invited the military to kill us in our land, our source told us that it was those evil Igbo elites that are brainwashed to remain permanently Fulani slave and be against their own people, are the class that supported the South East governors' military incursion into our land.

Another heart breaking side of these untamed dogs activities is the brutal killings, bombing happening at Oguta Local Government Area of Imo State. Only a mad dog can behave like these bandits in military garbs unleashed in our land. The most painful part of it is that our people are very relaxed about it and still busy patronizing their Fulani Suya spots and other dirty businesses of these brute dogs. These untamed dogs in our land causing problem in Imo State should be called back to the barrack. Everyone living in the zoo called Nigeria needs to be on alert because they are here to finish what they started since 1966-70 genocide on Biafra. 

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