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October 15, 2021

Usually Nigerians are familiar with unknown soldiers and whenever Nigerian government wants to commit carnage against targeted individuals or communities they use unknown soldiers. Since inception, non of the unknown soldiers has been brought to book for crime perpetrated, they always go scot free and everything about them sealed. The rampaging unknown gunmen are not different from unknown soldiers through their actions and inactions. Though, there could be two sets of unknown gunmen with different objective but same purpose which is not far from causing havoc to the people.

If atrocities committed by Nigerian unknown soldiers were to be written down, the words cannot contain in a book. The only thing Nigerian citizens always hear in the news by the government is that; investigation is ongoing and the perpetrators of the heinous crime must be brought to book. After which nothing comes out of it at the end of everything. This deceptive encouragement by the government may have triggered different set of unknown gunmen that emenated from nowhere which could allegedly say to be targeting security apparatus that have been killing innocent citizens unjustly. Nigerians can testify to that including a breastfeeding baby.

One of the problems ravaging Nigeria is that her government is evil. A government the masses entrusted their leverage on, with intention of earning high return has continuesly thwarted it to the level all hope has been lost. The government that meant to protect lives and properties is the sole killer and arsonist.

Like I said, Nigerian government is a crime commiter. The Afrobeat music legend, Fela Anikpulapo Kuti can never forgive Nigerian government even in his grave for what Nigeria unknown soldiers did to him and his family. Countless Nigerians and communities are also victims of the same scenario by which government uses its soldiers to commit crime.

Udi massacre where soldiers invaded the community and slaughtered all the villagers with their houses burnt to ashes is currently repeating itself in Izombe, Imo state under the stewardship of Fulani made administrator of the state, Hope Uzodimma. Should the victims of Izombe mobilize themselves and fight back it sounds that they take law into their hands when the government did nothing to quench the much more military invasion of Izombe. 

If the truth must be told, this is how unknown gunmen rampage spring up after EndSars peaceful protest that left thousands of innocent Nigerian youths dead while many are still in detention centers suffering. Accusing group of people being behind the insecurity ravaging old Eastern region of Nigeria that are not in government is baseless. Government is behind the insecurity through which they use unknown soldiers as unknown gunmen against opponents or critics against the Gastapo dehumanized regime of tyrant Muhammadu Buhari's led government.

Formally, there was only government unknown soldiers or unknown gunmen that are killing unarmed masses at will. The same unknown government soldiers are political thugs serving politicians to rig election, while the emergence of unknown gunmen from nowhere are busy going after security men, they are seeking for justice when the government can't provide any through its jury. Which ever way the unknown gunmen may have emanated from are all caused by the government. Both Hope Uzodimma and Willie Obiano respectively had confirmed that insecurity in their various states has politically undertone. Politicians know the game they are playing amongst themselves to retain or gain polical position using insecurity as a cover up. 

The report that APGA campaign rally in Anambra state, was disrupted by unknown gunmen where Willie Obiano's convoy was said to have rained with bullets was pure power tussle among the political parties aspiring to climb Anambra governorship position. The outgoing governor, Willie Obiano  knows those behind the attack were political desperadoes. Which could be the reason he denied the rumor hovering around that his convoy was attacked so that he won't give credence to his opponents.

The incident happened the same day Ifeanyi Uba organised his own governorship campaign in Lagos state. Psychologically, the party that ran outside its state and organized election campaign in Yoruba land might be the brain behind the attack against APGA's campaign ground. It is a politics of do or die affair among the political jugganut. 

Only those that don't value their lives or have spare will not tread with caution can keep risking their life in the name of election. Whether Anambra state election holds or not, the people of old Eastern region had unanimously resolved not to participate in any form of electioneering in the region. Meaning, anyone that dies because of election died for nothing with nothing to be remembered as those killed by Nigeria unknown soldiers were killed for nothing than to please those politicians that sent them for their selfish political gains.

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