By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter

October 16, 2021 

Is only when a fowl litters his resting ground, climbing the trees becomes an alternative. The holy land of Biafra has risen to fight for its course. More dangerous time is still coming, when every dubious Biafran politician shall get it hurt accordingly, as payback for their treachery against their own people and defilement of sacred land of Biafra. We have long been ringing a warning bell to Biafran political leaders to retrace their step and take the masses' interest at heart before revolts spring up but so called leaders remained deaf ears and adamant. Nature cannot be cheated, it has its own way of payback. That is exactly what is happening right now hence, it is impossible for one to eat his cake and have it back. 

Biafran politicians are the gate keepers of bondage in Nigeria and Biafran people are determined to savage themselves from captivity through any available means. Any option Nigerian government wants is acceptable. The day of reckoning has finally come when those that conspired the spillage of innocent blood will not have a hidden place to shield. The same thing we have been saying from time immemorial; to them it sounded impossible. Here we are; the ball is already on a goal post. The own goal scored by Biafran politicians might be disastrous to contain to compare with Arab spring as things unfold gradually. Agitation for has gone beyond Rubicon to contemplate going back and everyone must accept whatever that comes in a good fate specifically Igbo politicians because the monsters they themselves created have grown to beasts that are ready to devour them. 

Perhaps, whatever one sows so shall he reap. Igbo politicians’ sowed dehumanization of their flesh to gain or retain political position, now the people have rejected them and any form of electioneering that have been endangering their life. To rap it all; Old Eastern region of Nigeria is speeding approaching to Ambazonia way, where freedom is freedom. Whether achieved through the hand shaking across the trigger or state of anarchy where there is absence of constituent government, nobody cares any more. All they want is freedom. The masses are fade up with the government brutality of the day. They need a radical transformation, not just a change in the same component unit or the existing unified federation, no! Rather a separate independent sovereign nation. This is the root cause while Biafrans rejected any form of electioneering in Old Eastern part of Nigeria. 

Without addressing this core issue, the people's grievances’ may not likely stopped. The simple thing people of old Eastern region of Nigeria that is comprised of Biafra are asking for; is a modify modern democratic procedure by which international bodies organize and supervise a referendum or plebiscite for the affected region to decide either to remain in Nigeria or to opt out from the union peacefully. Without it; peace might be farfetched not just in Nigeria per say but Africa continent as a whole, because of the way it will escalate to other Africa nations. It is suicidal for international communities to remain silent as Nigeria is standing on time bomb that might explode any moment. 

Yoruba youths must get ready to chase any Igbo politician campaigning in their exalted ancestral Yoruba land. Yoruba youths must not allow their ancestral land to be defiled as Igbo politicians did to their own land with political deception. Any Igbo politician campaigning in a Yoruba soil should be send back to its state of origin to face the wrath of the masses he or she left in penury. It is very important to clarify this issue before hand, if Yoruba youths failed to chase criminal minded Igbo politicians campaigning in their land, time shall come when their own Yoruba criminal minded politicians will run to maybe northern part of Nigeria to campaign for an election that ought to be held in a Yoruba soil. Ifeanyi Uba; a Biafran politician has shown their fellow politicians another way of diaspora campaign. It must be stopped before other politicians take advantage of it. 

The impending looming uprising is gathering momentum and if time is not taken, Anambra state election will burst it out. Maybe, it might kick off from outside Biafra periphery as YPP governorship candidate, Ifeanyi Uba, has diverted his election campaign to Lagos state, for fear of unknown gunmen they themselves created. Fowl can't defy its lying bed and hang on the trees and expect another person to clean up its mess for his return. Wherever Biafran politicians like let them run to, the monsters they created at home are still waiting to pay them homage.

Who knows; maybe electoral body, Independent Electoral Commission-INEC, may conduct Anambra state election in Lagos state as governorship aspirant has diverted his campaign to Lagos. In a nutshell; every avenue to secretly conduct Anambra state election shall face setback as even the recent implementation of electronic transmission of election results will definitely encountered bottleneck. Their hidden plan to import Fulanis' from northern Nigeria as electorates to converse their votes as indigenes of Anambra, as the election was scheduled to be held in November, will be another suicidal mission by Fulani hired electorates hence election ban in Biafra soil remains sacrosanct.

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