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August 29, 2021

Nature cannot be cheated, days are gone when evil that men did lives after them; no, these days, the evil lives with them. Retribution law of nature always pays back when the time comes. Prayer is good, it draws one closer to its deity, sanctuary, altar, temple, synagogue, Church, Supreme being or Superior powers. In most cases, prayers stopped working when one contravenes the law of nature, such as deliberately spilling the blood of the innocent population or neglecting what is needed to be done before praying. Jack Yakubu Gowon was the chief architect of bloodbath in Nigeria, he did not just killed people by mistake, he intentionally intended to eradicate the Igbo ethnic nationality. His aim was to completely wipe out Igbo descendants from the surface of the earth; saying he committed war crime or pogrom is an under statement, Yakubu Gowon committed one of the worst genocide in the history of mankind.

Unless Gowon seeks genuine forgiveness from the people of Biafra, and traditionally appease the gods of the land thereby atoning for his many sins; without it, he will not have peace till eternity. Even if he prays till thy kingdom thy comes, the killings in his backyard will continue unhalted, likewise his prayers won't be answered because he is a murderer of the innocent. Over five millions of Biafrans were killed by Yakubu Jack Gowon's order between 1967-70, during the Biafra genocidal war christened the Nigeria civil war, Yakubu Gowon murdered human beings as if they were firewood. Yakubu cut down their lives short and was boasting how he occupy Biafra capturing Emeka Ojukwu, children were bruised and killed, pregnant women's belly were lacerated or cut open by Yakubu Gowon encouraged mobs, babies in their mothers' womb were brought out and cut into pieces just to spike the Biafrans from exiting Nigeria. 

Hardly you see a family in Biafra land that was not a victim of the genocidal war. Vultures made merry and comfortably ate the flesh of Biafrans, millions of Biafrans killed were not given befitting burial, within the three years interval, vultures ate them all. During the annihilation, no need of six fit grave as custom to the Biafrans, Biafran people were either turn to manure to plant or meat for the bush animals. People that survive the war till date keep crying whenever the history of Nigeria civil war is mentioned. Whenever Biafran war survivals reflect over what transpired during the pogrom they wish Nigeria never existed in a first place. 

Many young Biafrans today don't know their elder brothers, sisters even parents, they were told how their blood relations were murdered. I lost two of my elder brothers, none of them were given a befitting burial, their fleshes was eated by vultures. My parents helplessly lost everything to Nigeria, my father's building in Aba, was turned to Nigeria military barracks. After the war,  Nigeria soldiers deliberately bomb my father's building where they camped while leaving, just to make the land lord homeless after making other Biafrans homeless. Biafran women were subjected to sex slaves by the Nigerian Military sex predators in their rank and file, Fulani soldiers did not only raped Biafran women, they were forcefully married off as sex toys. What on earth can make Yakubu Gowon to be forgiven?. Even a crazy god can never forgive him.

All the atrocities committed by the Nigerian state against the people of Biafra was the sole reason they intentionally removed history from the school curriculum so that those affected Biafrans won't have access to the past notable ugly scenario for academic assessment.  Marriage then was relied at the barrel of gun, many men lost their wives to Fulani soldiers by force. Ndidi Bongos Ikue was forcefully married off by Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida IBB, and he renamed her Miriam Babangida. Bongos Ikue was a Biafran musical icon, a lovely husband to Ndidi. IBB was military head of State, he used his military power and might shot dead Bongos Ikue before he married her wife - Ndidi Bongos Ikue off from his lovely husband.

All kinds of sacrilege were committed in Biafra land during the Nigeria civil war, all on the order of Yakubu Jack Gowon. He never knew that a time shall come when retributive law of nature will pay him back. He knows what to do, in order to calm the gods of the land calm. It is an abomination to spill the blood of a nation for nothing without consequence. Benue state is headquarters of blood baths by the Fulani herdsmen. Fulani wants their land by all means and if time is not taken, they will sack every Benue indigenes and claim their ancestral land. Most of the Nigerian troops deployed to fight against Biafra during the Biafra genocidal war were all or came from middle belt of which is component member.

They all ganged up against the good people of Biafra, unfortunately, Fulani has turn their armament against them. The obliteration of history from school curriculum was meant to witch-hunt Biafrans, now it has affected them also.

Had history been taught in schools, the present generation that are suffering Fulani's annihilation in Jos and Benue state respectively, would have known that their problem was their parents' involvement in the spilling of the innocent Biafrans blood during the Nigeria civil war.  Yakubu Jack Gowon can conduct prayer sessions all he like, but it won't change anything. People of Benue and Jos, mainly youths must take the bull by the horn. Lamentation alone, peaceful protest will not deter the Fulani marauders from killing them. It does not matter if they carry slain corpses to the government house or state house of assembly, Fulani marauders will still come back again, kill them and sneak out unhurt. Fulani is determined to swallow them all, unless something exceptional is been done urgently.

We Biafrans of this generation, are reincarnated victims of Nigeria civil war, we hold the key. If peace, serenity must be restored in Benue, Jos; simple thing must be done immediately and the indigenous youths of those affected states ought to act fast before it gets out of hand. Some coward youths might find it impossible, but let me make it open to them, killings in Benue and Jos are politically sponsored by Fulani desperate government officials. If peace must come back in those affected areas, youths must kill Yakubu Jack Gowon now not tomorrow for the secret agreement he had with the Fulanis' to secede Middle Belt land to them if they help him to defeat Emeka Ojukwu and his Biafra rebels.

Gowon deserve to be cut into pieces, his head hang on the market square and other parts of his body openly roast on fire for consumption.

That is when Fulani will take youths in those affected states serious and run away from them. Anything contrary from this; killings will remain unabated; and once Fulani herdsmen kills, Fulani oligarchy will summon Yakubu Gowon to use his influence and calm the youths' grieviances down. Yakubu Gowon must be kill by Plateau youths to avert further Fulani terrorist attacks on them.

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